How To Successfully Attract Millennial Talent To Your Company

millennial talent

Veteran business owners know that bringing fresh blood to their organization is crucial to its longevity and relevance. Millennials are currently the youngest professional workforce around and they seek different experiences from jobs than older generations. Business leaders such as Eyal Gutentag use the following techniques to attract these promising candidates to their establishments.

1. Seeking Talent Outside of College

The younger end of the millennial generation would be born before 1996, meaning they would be fresh out of college and jumping into the career fields. Older millennials are also more likely to finish college due to relatively greater access. However, employers should not dismiss people who have not finished higher education. Many non-grads work twice as hard to achieve the same professional success as college grads. Such hard work and tenacity are ideal qualities in fresh employees.

2. Offering Clear Job Descriptions

Clarity is an important quality for new employees, especially ones with little to no experience in a potential workplace. They want to ensure they are a perfect fit for the position and will not waste time reading vague job openings or obtaining a role that ultimately does not suit them. Employers should specify the responsibilities of the job and the skills needed. This practice can also be a blueprint for more detailed interview questions.

3. Creating a Comfortable Environment

While it is important for young employees to stay focused on their tasks, they also need to feel comfortable in their workplace to fuel their motivation and job performance. Most managers build a strong community by organizing occasional meals, bar nights and other social events. If the profession allows it, they can encourage their employees to dress casually and decorate their offices. Essentially, they should try to craft a second home for them.

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Millennials are a generation with different needs and wants than ever before. Interested employers need to research and investigate these factors to appeal to the incoming workforce.

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