How Can You Tell If a Website Is Credible?

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In 2019, there were over 1 billion websites, and it’s safe to say, not all of them are credible.

Whether you plan to make a purchase or are seeking knowledge, it’s important to know if the website is worth your time. If you’re wondering, “how can you tell if a website is credible?” you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Consider the Author

Find out which individual or organization runs the site. Check whether the articles are written by someone who has the relevant credentials or background in the topic. If they are, then you can trust the website.

Check the Date

How do you know an article is credible?

The first thing you should do is check the date of the article or website. An easy way to do this is to look for the “last updated” date on the site. If it’s too old, head to another site for your information.

Find a Site With Expertise

You wouldn’t visit a hairdresser to get your teeth cleaned, and you wouldn’t go to the dentist to fix your hair. It’s important the website you’re on specializes in the information you’re seeking.

So if you want to find information on a disease, check out medical websites as you know the facts are accurate.

Beware of Bias

Not sure how to tell if a news source is credible? Then see if their content is all one-sided.

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It’s common to find commercial and political biases online, which is why you must find a credible news site that shows both sides of a story. So before handling any information, decide where their bias is coming from and how they’re manipulating language to benefit them.

Consider the Site’s Design

How do you know if a site is reliable? Consider its design.

A poorly built design is difficult to navigate and may feel outdated. Another red flag is poorly written copy riddled with spelling mistakes, a telltale sign of an amateur.

Check the Links

Reliable websites often link to each other, and you can find this out by conducting a link-specific Google Search. When you do this, you’ll know whether the other site offers reliable news. If not, find a different site.

Ask Questions

If something feels off about the site, leave a comment, or contact the author to learn more about their sources.

Reputable site owners will say whether they’re working with sponsorship or brand, so find this out, too. Plus, your comment may make others consider the website’s reliability.

How Can You Tell If a Website Is Credible?

In short, how can you tell if a website is credible?

You must check the dates, the author’s credibility, and see if their content has a bias. You can also tell whether the website isn’t legitimate by its design and if the links work.

And if you still have queries, contact the website owner directly.

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