How Games Are Increasingly Borrowing Monetization From Gambling


Between 2014 and 2019, video games increasingly borrowed the monetization that sets gambling games apart and puts them in a class all their own. These days it is sometimes difficult to determine the difference between a video game and a gambling game. Monetization is increasingly being found in popular instant win games

This shift in the gaming industry is one that everyone interested in it needs to be aware of and understand. The reason for this shift is that the people who are now old enough to play gambling games grew up playing video games. As a result, they expect gambling games to be similar to the games they are already familiar with.

Software companies began squabbling to create gambling games with a video game element to them. These games are in demand by online casinos that want to attract the new generation of gamblers. 

A study suggested that of those between the ages of 11 and 16, 54% of them have realized that they can purchase items within certain games by forking over their own money. Of that 54 %, 31% of them have actually spent money on virtual objects in order to improve the experience of playing a particular game. 

The new trend in the game industry is for games to be made available to players for free. Yet to get the most out of that free game, players are urged to spend their own money on boosts that will help them win the game. Many of these games charge players a subscription fee to access all the extras that make the game worth playing. 

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Those in the video game community are now looking at their beloved form of entertainment in a different way. Success and skill are now perceived differently than they were in the past. It used to be assumed that each video game you could play was equal to the others. With the introduction of monetization into the game, this is no longer true. 

Video game players used to believe that if they had the skills they would be successful at a game. Now they don’t need the skills because they can pay for the boosts that make their skills irrelevant. 

There are also services nowadays that allow you to level up and boost your online account to hit levels not capable by yourself. Apex Legends boosting is becoming popular with gamers since Apex Legends is one of the most popular shooting games at the moment. Other games like World of Warcraft have had boosting services for a number of years now. Many people want to feel powerful and superior with a higher rank.

At this point, there is not a lot of information available about the relationship between gambling and playing video games. Games and gambling have always been studied separately in the past. In the future, they may need to study the two subjects as one. Research is just now tackling the new relationship between gambling and video games. 

Video game gambling is something that will continue to evolve. As it does, studies will be done to determine how this will affect players and the gaming industries in the months and years to come. Only time will tell if the line between gambling games and video games continues to blur. It is possible that in the future all video games will be monetized with profit in mind.

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