How to Choose the Best Parental Control Software?

Best Parental Control Software

Do you want to know what kids are doing online? You don’t need to be next to them all the time! In this digital era when online threats abound, you can have peace of mind when you use Best Parental Control Software. This is a feature-packed app that you can use for screen time management and location monitoring, among other things. It is like a digital spy, which will help prevent cyberbullying and sexual harassment, among other problems that can happen online. 

When looking for Best Parental Control Software, you will be confronted with endless options. They all seem the same, but if you dig deeper, they differ in many ways. More than the price, the features will vary. Read reviews about it to be more enlightened. If you need help narrowing down the possibilities, read on and we’ll talk about the most important considerations. 


For most of you, price is perhaps the most important consideration. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the cheapest is the best. If the price is too low, this is a red flag. Maybe, it does not have top-notch features? Well, a lot of factors can come into play. The point is that you should not hesitate to spend more if this means being able to enjoy a better app with exceptional features for parental monitoring. 

Some will come with a free version. Do not be immediately tempted only because it is free. Many of the free parental control apps have basic features, so you won’t be able to unlock their full benefits. The only time we recommend a free parental control app is if you want to first try it out before purchasing a specific plan. It is also good if there is a free trial so you can test the app without any risk of losing your money. 

The price will differ depending on the subscription plan. Different companies will offer a variety of plans to suit individual needs. They are often available monthly or annually. The prices will differ depending on the features that are included, as well as the number of devices that are supported. 


More than price, you should be looking at the features of the parental control app. It does not matter if it is expensive. It is for the protection of your kids and your peace of mind, so consider the best features instead of focusing on price. The following are some of the must-have: 

  • Screen Time Management: Kids spend a lot of their time online. In most cases, they do not have time for more important things, such as studying. They sleep late because they are glued to their phones. Pick a parental control software that will let you set flexible screen schedules to control usage. 
  • Location Tracking: Aside from location history, it can also show the location in real-time. Some even have a geofencing feature. This will let you set location limits. When your kid is beyond the specified limit, you will receive an instant alert. 
  • Social Media Monitoring: From Facebook to Instagram, kids are all over different social media platforms. They can post inappropriate content or talk to strangers. A good parent control app will let you monitor some of the most popular social media channels so that you will know exactly what kids have been doing. 
  • Blocking and Filtering: A good parental control app offers numerous options to block and filter age-inappropriate content. For instance, you can block specific website URLs and apps, including those that are related to porn, drugs, and violence, among other things. You can also block different keywords so that users won’t be able to access such content. 
  • Call and Text Monitoring: You must also be able to monitor what your kids are doing when they are offline, especially the calls and texts that are made. Some apps will let you see the contact details of the other person. Messages can be monitored, even after they have been deleted. 
  • Photos and Videos: There are also some apps that will let you remotely monitor media content, including photos and videos. This way, you can know the content that your kids can be sharing to other people. This is a cause of alarm if the content includes something explicit.
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Ease of Use 

It is also important that you consider how easy it is to use the parental control software. The installation should be easy and must take only a few minutes. It is also good if you can do it remotely. Plus, you will benefit from choosing an app that does not require rooting or jailbreaking to simplify the installation. what is smbsmb, or Server Message Block, is one of the pillars of mass data transfers across networks.

A lot of the parental control apps will offer a free demo version. This way, you can see how exactly the app works. You can access the platform, allowing you to test how intuitive it is. See to it that there is a seamless interface, making the use of the app pretty straightforward. 


Before buying a parental control app, consider if it is compatible with the devices that you would like to monitor. Most will work with Android and iOS, but you have to check the versions that the app supports. It is best to update to the latest operating software to ensure compatibility. 

Aside from smartphones, you can also use parental control software in laptops, computers, and tablets. Some will support Windows and Mac, among other operating systems. 


A common problem with parental control software is that kids can find a way to bypass or delete the app if they discover that they are being spied. Look for one that is discrete enough so that it is hidden from the device being monitored. There should be no way for kids to know that their activities are being monitored. 

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In sum, choosing the best parental control software is not a walk in the park. The options are endless, but this does not mean that they all have the same capabilities. From features to compatibility, this short guide talked about some of the most important considerations to help you make the right choice.

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