How to Clean MacBook Screen?

How to clean MacBook screen

If your screen is looking a little dingy, you may be wondering how to clean it. Luckily, it’s easy to do! In this blog post, we’ll show you How to Clean MacBook Screen & get rid of dust and grime on your MacBook screen without using any special tools.

Techniques of How to Clean MacBook Screen? 

Cleaning the screen of your MacBook requires care, as using abrasive materials or a cloth soaked in liquid can severely damage the laptop. The following are some suggestions for how to clean the screen without damaging it.

Here are ways to clean your MacBook Screen.

Technique 1

Buffing & Polishing Method 

Turn off the computer, please. Disconnect the power cable and power the MacBook down.

  • Removing the power adapter isn’t required if you’re going to use a dry cloth to wipe the screen down, but it’s still a good idea in case the friction from the cloth causes any problems with the adapter.

Use a microfiber cloth to buff away the fingerprints. Using a microfiber cloth, meticulously buff the screen by wiping in small, circular motions. Maintain consistent, light pressure while working; no heavy pressure is necessary.

  • Using an optical microfiber cloth is recommended for the problem rising under how to clean MacBook screen. But any soft, lint-free, static-resistant cloth will do. Dish towels, paper towels, and other rough fabrics should be avoided.
  • Buffing the screen for five minutes or more may only eliminate some fingerprints and smudges.
  • Hold the computer by the upper edge of the keyboard to avoid re-smudging the screen.

Technique 2

Take A Help Of Wet Soft Cloth

How to clean macbook screen

Turn off the MacBook. Stop using the computer and disconnect the power cord.

Just wet a soft cloth and use that. Moisten a plush microfiber cloth until it is just slightly damp.

  • When cleaning, only use a soft cloth. Using a cloth without fibers or static electricity is ideal, but any soft, nonabrasive fabric will do. However, it would be best if you didn’t use anything rough like paper towels, dish towels, or terry cloth.
  • It would be the best answer to How to Clean MacBook Screen, if you didn’t soak the cloth. It’s more likely that a dripping wet cloth will cause severe damage to your computer. If you use too much water, squeeze the excess out of the cloth until it is barely damp.
  • Distilled water, not tap water, is recommended for optimal performance. Some of the minerals found in tap water have conductive properties. Therefore, distilled water is preferable because it is less likely to cause a shortage than tap water.
  • Under no circumstances should you spray water directly onto the display of your MacBook, as this dramatically increases the possibility of water entering the device and causing a shortage. Use only water, and then only with a soft cloth.
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Cleaning the screen just got a lot easier. Moving in small, circular motions, wipe the display from side to side and top to bottom. Use a firm, light touch on the screen to maximize your productivity. If you want a streak-free screen after wiping, dry it right away.

  • To keep from re-smudging the screen, it is best to hold it at the top or bottom.
  • You might need to struggle with how to clean MacBook screen from fingerprints. Wipe the screen several times to get rid of the fingerprints. Depending on how many times you’ll be going over the screen, you may also need to re-wet the cloth as you go.

Technique 3

Using an LCD Cleanser

Remove power from the computer. Before continuing, make sure that the MacBook is turned off. Cut the connection of the computer to the power source.

  • It is only safe to continue with removing the computer. These parts may malfunction if submerged in the damp cleaner. If water gets into these parts while you’re working, you might get slightly shocked, especially if the power adapter is plugged in.
  • A microfiber cloth and some LCD/plasma cleaner spray. Clean your LCD screen with a product designed for that purpose.

How to clean macbook screen

Put a few sprays of the cleaner on a clean, soft cloth and wipe down the surface. Do not soak the fabric. You shouldn’t be able to squeeze any liquid out of it; it should only feel slightly damp to the touch.

  • Only wipe with anti-static, lint-free microfiber cloths. However, any microfiber cloth will do the trick; lens cloths are recommended. Avoid rough fabrics like paper towels, dish towels, terry cloth towels, and the like.
  • How to clean MacBook screen, to keep your LCD screen in pristine condition are the most prominent things to consider by an Apple product consumer. It is recommended that you only use cleaning products that have been developed and marketed for use with LCD screens. General-purpose cleaners, alcohol-based products, bleach, aerosol sprays, solvents, and abrasives should be avoided. Any easily breaks screens of these items. The screen could crack or even shatter if the impact is severe enough.
  • Do not spray the screen with the cleaning solution. As a result, there is a greater chance that water will sweep in through the bottom or side vents. Ingressing moisture through these ports is not recommended because doing so could cause a shortage in your computer.
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Put the cloth to use by wiping the monitor. The MacBook screen can be cleaned with a cloth from top to bottom or side to side. Use a microfiber cloth and light, steady pressure to buff the screen in small circular motions.

  • Hold it near the top or bottom to avoid smudging the computer screen while working.
  • When necessary, apply more cleaning solution and continue buffing the screen until all fingerprints and smudges have disappeared. This could take several minutes and multiple scans of the screen.

Let’s Close Now… 

How to clean MacBook screen at home is not a big deal for you. You can have a look at these techniques and make it possible at your place.

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