How to Convert OLM to PST File in Bulk – Using Free & Best Tips

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How to Convert OLM to PST File with all Emails Attachments ?

As we knows, Microsoft Outlook is available for Windows and Mac Both Operating system. The Windows edition is more demanded among computer users. Due to the popularity of MS Outlook for Windows, Mac users want to change to Outlook for Windows, so in this write up we will describe why and how to convert OLM to PST file.

As email plays the most important part in our daily life, so there are many email applications available for managing them. Most email client applications are free of charge. MS Outlook is one of the most popular program among users that is trustworthy and highly protected. It is available for Mac and Windows editions, but both support different file formats. Outlook for Windows creates Personal Storage Table file to store the entire database. Further, Outlook for Mac supports the OLM file format.

These are the few inconveniences of Outlook for Mac because users want to change from Outlook for Mac to Windows Outlook. Then, for those users who wish to perform this type of conversion, we will explain the best and most reliable methods.

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How to Convert OLM to PST Files ?

One cannot open Mac OLM files in Windows Outlook directly. For this, the conversion from OLM to PST is required. You can quickly convert OLM to PST format using third-party software or try the manual process.

Technique 1 – Expertly Import Outlook OLM to PST Format

To perform this task accurately and safely, there is a software name as OLM to PST Converter. The applications is completely free of any kind of risk and allows you to convert numerous OLM emails items to PST folder with all attachments. By using this tool, you can easily verify the complete preview of the emails before the conversion procedure. Just follow a few steps to export OLM files to PST format.

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Step 1: OLM to PST Converter on your Windows system.

Step 2: Run the software and choose one option from Select Files or Select Folder.

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Step 3: Choose PST as saving format.

Select Destination Path

Step 4: Pick destination path and click on the Convert button to convert OLM to PST format.

completed succesfully

Step 5: Get your Resultant PST files.

Technique 2 – Manual Process to Export OLM to PST Format

  • First, you must create the IMAP account for which you can use Gmail
  • After that, configure Outlook for Mac with this IMAP account
  • Then, create the Gmail tag so you can easily sync it with Outlook for Mac
  • Now, migrate all email messages and other data to the IMAP folder
  • Finally, you must transfer the entire IMAP folder database to Outlook Windows

Note: Create the backup of your OLM files before using this process to avoid the risk of data loss.

To complete this task i.e., “how to convert OLM to PST file”, you need to have deep knowledge. Also, this manual procedure does not work on corrupt OLM files.

Disadvantages of Manual Approach

The above mentioned method has various limitations because a user always looks for the automated solution to import OLM files into PST forma. Here are some important demerits:

  1. Lengthy Process: Users may have trouble accessing an email and will respond slowly. This can result in a great use of time. This process also takes a long time, performance becomes slow.
  2. Create Multiple Mailboxes: A user cannot attach several mailboxes at the same time while transferring emails. In addition, any mishandling of any step leads to loss or corruption of data, damage to the system, etc.

Why Choose OLM File to PST File Conversion Program Only?

  • It is easier to use
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The application consists of a simple and easy to use interface. Therefore, both technical and non-technical users can work with this utility without any technical guidance.

  • It is faster

The software is designed in highly programmed algorithms, therefore, responds quickly to each entry. Whether you are adding multiple OLM files or folders, the toolkit will convert OLM files to PST mailbox instantly. It works very smoothly and effortlessly.

  • It Provides Highly accurate results

This advanced utility maintains the hierarchy of folders during and after conversion. The program has the ability to convert OLM files without data loss and the results provided by the tool are highly accurate and speedily.

Need to Migrate Outlook OLM Files to Outlook Data Files

We will explain some reasons why users want to import OLM emails into the PST format.

The main reason is if you are using Outlook for Mac, then you have to face so many technical problems when editing emails, updating the address book and synchronizing calendar events. And, Outlook for Mac 2011 responds very slowly.

Outlook for Windows is easy to install and run compared to the Mac version. It comes with the very simple user GUI that doesn’t require too much technical knowledge.

Some Important Facts

• Outlook for Mac 2011 is not compatible with HTML and RTF format.

• You cannot drag the email message to the calendar in Outlook for Mac.

• Outlook for Mac does not support add-ons and requires technical Guidance.

Let’s Sum Up

Migrating from one email platform becomes a common process today. But, to make it easier, we have made all the possibility. In order to solve this common user query i.e., how to convert OLM to PST file format, we have discussed manual and automated solutions so that users can use any of the methods according to their needs.

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