How to create a customer’s journey map

A customer journey map assists the customers in having a clear picture of how their experience and outcome will be working with you and your company. Creating a good journey plan will show your customers that you care, which will make you stand out from your competitors. Creating customer journey maps has a lot of benefits for you and your customers, which stem from having a comfortable interaction between your clients and your team. Here are the steps you need to follow to create a good customer journey map;

Create your target buyers persona

Before creating your customers’ journey map, you must determine your object and target market. Creating a buyer’s persona will assist you as a seller in understanding the different needs of customers’ goals and their needs and interests. 

To create an excellent persona for your buyers that cuts across all of them, it is essential that you do your market research beforehand to ensure that nothing is left out and all the details you have cut across your entire target market. Create a rough outline of your customers’ persona by pitting in their demographics like age, gender and occupation, among others. This will assist you in gathering information on who your customers are. Creating an excellent customer persona will help you get to know who your target market is.

Note your customer touchpoints

Any point that involves you having a fulfilling customer interaction will act as your touchpoint. All the touchpoints should also come from exchanges that have been had on the social media setting, advertisements, marketing strategies or any mentions. Have a list of the touchpoints that need more optimisation and those doing well.

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Take note of actions that customers present

You will have several customers that will exhibit the same action. Putting them in categories of different activities will assist your business in dividing the efforts into groups that require micromanagement and engagement at different levels and intensities. The actions will assist you in knowing and planning how many steps are necessary for the customers to reach the climax of their journey and what stage needs to be reduced.

Use your available resources

Customer journey maps assist a business in identifying and presenting the business picture and highlighting all the resources that can be used to ensure that the company runs and attains its goals. If the resources are not enough to give the customers what they need, you will have to create a plan to get more resources to ensure that your customers are delighted.

Analyse the customer journey in detail

Creating a customer journey map will assist you in analysing the results of your services and if your customers are satisfied. A detailed analysis will give you insight into what journey customers will take. Your research should be able to show any touchpoints that would make a customer leave before they receive your service or not purchase your product. Use the personas you created and follow the journeys individually through social media, email, or browse online to get the results you require.

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