How To Keep Your Cakes Fresh?

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We all love cakes. Perhaps, no one would say “ I don’t love cakes,” because such is its appeal and taste. A single bite of a moist, sponge decadence– the cake is enough to teleport you into a land of paradise. Therefore, cakes are a must for every celebration or for satiating the sweet cravings. But, whenever you order a cake from an online cake shop at your house or you bake one at home, you are always left for some for the next day. The better way to put this is, we all leave some cake for the next day because our taste buds wish to relish it the very next day as well. 

 But, more often or not, your leftover cake dries. The cake is a perishable item demanding care. Therefore, you need to handle it with care. So, here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow if you wish to taste fresh cake even after two-three days.

 1) Do not Store the Cake in Refrigerator

As with other leftover items, it’s natural for you to store the cake in the refrigerator as well. But it’s a No. Do not store your leftover cake in the fridge because it makes the cake stale faster. The starch molecules in the flour absorb water when the batter is baked, and then the cake starts to cool. When stored in the refrigerator, the cake molecules start to recrystallize, harden, forcing the water to come on the surface. In layman language, the hardening process occurs quickly in the refrigerator, so avoid it.

 2) Store Cakes For 1 to 3 Days At Room Temperature

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As said earlier, a cake is a perishable item, so do not store it for more than 2-3 days. When storing, store it at room temperature. Keep the cake away from heat, direct sunlight, and cooling vents. If you are planning to consume the cake within 24 hours, keep the cake in the box only. Also, keep the cake box away from heat or sunlight. If you wish to store the cake for longer or you have leftover cake in the box, cover it with fresh wrap. This will prevent the cake from drying. Another way of storing is, transfer the cake to the plate and cover it with a cake lid or store it in cake storage containers.

 3) Freeze the Cake

If you want to store cake for longer than three days, freeze it. Freezing the cake and storing the cake in the refrigerator are two different things. Freezing will keep your cake fresh. Cover the cake with layers of fresh plastic wrap and freeze it or freeze it in a storage container. You can also freeze individual layers by this method. Take out, let it come to room temperature, then you can eat or start decorating it.

 The last question that you all may be curious to know is when to Refrigerate a cake?

Cakes are excellent to eat if stored at room temperature for 1-2 days. Whether your cake is frosted, unfrosted, cut or uncut, it is advisable to store it at room temperature. However, if your kitchen or the place you store your cakes is hot and humid, you should refrigerate your cake. Also, if you wish to use your cake after three days or longer, refrigerate your cake. The next situation in which you can refrigerate your cake is when it is topped with fresh fruits or whipped buttercream.

 So, these were a few practical tips you can apply in daily life for keeping your cake fresh. From now onwards, eat only fresh and delicious cakes, even after days.

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