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what does idk mean

If you are an Internet-savvy person, then you must be aware of many common and uncommon acronyms like “IDK” which are now very common in use over the Internet. It is not the case of formality when you are at your workplace, writing business emails or business letters to your clients but it is the case of your leisure time when you are chatting with your pals or texting someone informally. If you recently got in touch with this acronym like IDK and want to learn more about this, then you have landed in the right place. The full form of IDK is I don’t know. Here I have accumulated all the relevant information related to IDK that may be hammering in your mind.

Discovering the phrase IDK

You may have some circling questions like, what does IDK mean? Or what does IDK stand for? The answers are too simple. It is more than one decade back when I just got a phone with 2G network connectivity.

One day I was trying to chat in different chat rooms with strangers from all over the world, and most of them were asking me about my ASL at the time of intro. I didn’t understand the meaning of ASLat that very moment. I felt so embarrassed and couldn’t able to chat with them as I didn’t know what they were asking me. Then I simply confessed to them that I didn’t catch the acronym they were using. And I came to know that the meaning of ASL was about my Age, Sex and Location. I felt extremely foolish that day after knowing this. Just like ASL, IDK is also an informal acronym like many other online acronyms in the era of netizens. It is an abbreviation of the phrase “I Don’t Know”. I hope now you got a clear concept of IDK full form or what does IDK stand for?

Why IDK instead of I don’t know?

Now the question arises that why you should use the acronym IDK instead of I don’t know? There are a few reasons that may reach you to the suitable answer.

It saves time:

When you are texting somebody through your device, and you know well that it doesn’t require formal writing at all, then you can just use acronyms like IDK. It saves a lot of time in typing the text and make you comfortable to type less on your small device. This is needless to be grammatically correct when you are texting to your pals. This is what short messaging service is, where your main motive should be to make others understand your quick messages. Nothing else.

It is a real attention seeker:

If you are posting your status or giving a caption to your selfies on any of the popular social media like Instagram or Facebook, then the acronyms like IDK can seek more attention to the audience. It can attract more people to leave their comments, or you can get more likes and compliments. Won’t you be happy if your pals around you are adding more compliments to your selfies or if you are getting more likes to your status updates? Of Course, you will be.

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It makes you smart:

You cannot deny the fact that we always show our interest in something which seems new and smarter than our thinking. If you use abbreviations like IDK instead of its full form “I Don’t Know” in messages, then the people who don’t know the meaning of this can think you smarter than them. Possibly they can start imitating you and can add special values to your statements or comments.

It makes you different from others:

We always give importance to those things which seem unique or different from others. Using IDK can make your text different from others. When you are using it, you are creating a situation of eagerness to others who don’t know the meaning of it. If the persons are not internet-savvy, then undoubtedly it will make them think about this and will make you different from others.

The places where IDK can be used:

There are uncountable places where IDK can be used. You can use it in the middle of any face to face conversation. You can use it during any telephonic conversation. You can use it in any informal text message. Though it is mostly used by netizens on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Twitter.

The circumstances where IDK can be used:

There are several circumstances where IDK can be used. Though one thing you should keep in mind that it is always an answer to a specific question that has been asked to you or a statement that describes what you don’t know something, or you are completely uncertain about something.

Best using guide for IDK:

You might be thinking that if there are any specific rules for using IDK instead of the full phrase. You need not be very serious about using this acronym as it has no such rules. If you know the IDK meaning in the text, then you can just write it in the place of I don’t know by keeping one thing in mind that IDK is an informal acronym. So, don’t try to use this in any formal writing. It is best suited if you are texting to your pals or writing something on social media. A few examples can help you to understand better how you can use IDK somewhere in any text or social media like Facebook or Insta. So, let’s discover the IDK meaning in text or any informal conversation.

Scenario #1: 

Friend #1: Hey at what time we are meeting up tomorrow for the movie?

Friend#2: IDK

In this type of scenario, you can use IDK to make others understand that you really don’t know something. This can be a very simple answer to any question that has been asked to you.

Scenario #2:

A caption to a selfie on Facebook: IDK I’m looking cool in this pic or not?

In this type of scenario, you can use IDK to grab the attention of the audience towards you. It makes your caption smarter and attracts your friends or followers to make comments to your posts.

Scenario #3:

Boy: Hey, babe! I fall in love with you… Do you love me?

Girl: IDK

Here in this type of scenario, you can use IDK to make others understand that you are uncertain about something. In the last example, it states that you are not sure whether you too fall in love with him or not? So, in this case, you are not at all rejecting the proposal by saying IDK; rather you are taking time to think and decide.

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Similar acronyms to IDK:

Apart from IDK, there are some similar acronyms that you can use when you are texting somebody or writing something on social media. Below are the few lists of examples that can clear the concept of using those similar acronyms to IDK.

IDC: I don’t care:

IDC is a very appropriate acronym to use when you have a lack of interest in something. Though it has some similarities with IDK, still there are several circumstances where you should use IDC instead of IDK. If you are less bothered in something or not giving any importance in something, then you can use IDC. If you say that “IDC what they think about me”. Here you are stating that you are not at all giving any importance to others that how they think about you. IDC clarifies well that you are not having any impact if the thinking of others is negative for you.

IDW: I don’t want:

In such situations where you are too negative to want something, you should use IDW instead of IDK. If you say that “IDW to chat with you anymore” then you are indicating extreme negativity to someone directly. You are not playing hide and seek rather you are too stiff and harsh at your motive.

IDTS: I don’t think so:

It is not about only uncertainty. IDTS is such an acronym that you can use where you have more doubts than uncertainty. You might be thinking that you can use IDK too where you have doubts then why IDTS? I have a stock answer for this. There are some circumstances where IDK can’t state your standing clearly. In such situations, you should use IDTS for better transparency of your standing. If you say IDTS, then you are not giving it up completely rather you are retaining a small ray of hope. I hope this clarifies well for you.

IDGAF: I don’t give a F**k:

This is completely vulgar one. There is no doubt about it. The acronym IDGAF reflects your extreme negative feelings about something. If you are using this to someone, then this is a clear indication that you might be very angry or frustrated about something.

IK: The antonym of IDK:

Similarly, you can use the acronym like IK instead of using I know. This is the antonym or the opposite phrase of IDK. IK is also as useful as IDK, especially in social media where you do not need to be grammatically correct; rather, it may help you to be different from others and grab the spotlight on you.

Let’s try IDK:

Here in this article, I tried to explain a recently popular acronym “IDK” from many different angles. Although it is not too tough to use the full phrase, I don’t know instead of using IDK while you are texting or communicating informally with someone. But if you change the aspect of your thinking a little bit, then you must find the added advantages of this acronym. The acronym like IDK is a smart choice of the new generation. There are some valid reasons that netizens have been using it for long and made this acronym so popular. I hope this article clarifies the acronym IDK from every single aspect and now you have all the stock answers related to this. So, what are you waiting for? Just take your phone and start texting to your pals. You can start texting with this, “Now IK everything about the acronym IDK.

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