Instagram Tips for News Reporters

Instagram Tips for News Reporters

Instagram has proved to be a social media powerhouse. As a news reporter, when you share the high-quality photos of your news on Instagram, then definitely you will be successful in engaging with a younger audience of 18 to 34 years of age. The main focus of news reporters is to spread the news all over the world and Instagram is the best option for its vast exposure and billions of users all over the world. As it is the world of social media and we know that most people are interested in news. Instagram is so much useful for news reporters. In this article, we will go through different tips that the news reporters can follow to become successful. But if you want to grow fast on Instagram then you can use likegrowers Auto Liker for organic growth on Instagram.

1- Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories get higher engagement rates as compared to other posts on Instagram. So, when a news reporter shares the news on Instagram in the feed, then the engagement rates will be comparatively higher. Surveys and live broadcasts are more popular in Instagram stories as compared to hashtags and locations. As a news reporter, keep this thing in mind that share less content on Instagram as you can get more audience by sharing the less content because today in the modern world no one has time to study the long story in the news. You can add Instagram stories in many ways with relevant and attractive content.

a. Feature Stories:

Feature stories contain very attractive and beautiful images published in print and digital media. You can add five to seven images, a video, and a link to the website in a story. From experience, it has noticed that some people do not follow the story until the end. So, if you want more views then add the photo or video in the middle of the story you want to highlight.

b. News Summaries:

The news summaries get higher engagement rates in the stories. The unique design of the news summaries with attractive images and a link make it more popular.

c. Special Events:

Live streaming is helpful for special events to get higher engagement rates and get a greater number of followers. Live streaming must be shorter. The followers will appreciate the live streaming of special events. The number of active users will also increase through live streaming of special events.

2- To Tease Long Form Reporting:

There are some of the news reporters from the popular news channel who uses his personal Instagram account to tease the people and get higher engagement rates. The news reporters document the places he visits and people he meets along the way.

3- To Present the News in a New Format:

With the advancement in technology, news reporters also find ways to present the news in a new format. The short videos of news are grabbing the attraction of people towards the news and the news reporters. The people who are using mobile devices and other devices are more targeted.

4- To Showcase Stunning Photography:

If we talk about stunning photography on Instagram then National Geographic Channel is on the top channel which is sharing the stunning and beautiful pictures of different animals, birds and many more on Instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing application and gaining a large number of followers through stunning photos. The news reporters are sharing the high-quality photos of their news on Instagram and increasing the number of followers on their account.

5- Talk to Your Youngest Audience:

Youngest audience means teens to 25 years old. If you want to grow your account in a shorter period of time then you have to build a strong relationship with the youngest audience. As a news reporter, you should talk to the younger people.  You should use pronouns to talk to the audience.

6- Optimize Your Content Mix for Discovery:

Content mix means that use images, videos, GIFs, Go live and stickers so that your content will be noticed in a different way and there will be a remarkable increase in your number of followers. As we know very well that young people spend a lot of time in exploring the new things on Instagram so when a news reporter has the mixed content in his or her account that he will get more chances to be discovered.

7- Manage Your Filters:

You should manage your filters as a news reporter. Take control of the filters and speed up the photo-sharing process. You can use one filter in your photos to give a consistent look to your photos and you can use different filters depending on the picture.  You can choose whatever works for you. You can then experiment with different filters. ( It depends on the photo that what type of filter you can add to that particular photo and then your profile will become more astonishing with the help of filters. Preview is an application with the help of which you can visualize your content as a whole before post anything.

8- Schedule Your Posts:

As a news reporter, it is very important to schedule your posts. You should not post all the content in a single go. You can post on Instagram day by day or at any upcoming time with the help of scheduling your posts. You can use tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Zoho Social for scheduling your posts and posting at a better time could gain more audience towards your account.

Final Thoughts:

Instagram is doing a lot for the news reporters. Instagram is helping the news reporters to grow their account in a more organized way. ( To make your account more successful on Instagram, you should have a strong bio with a killing profile. Also, write your bio in a more impressive way. You should include your experience and working on the tv channels as a news reporter so that people can easily recognize you and your number of followers will be increased definitely by seeing your description in the bio. Your number of audience will also be higher by using the hashtags wisely and according to your post.

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