iPhone vs. Android- what are the major points of difference?

There is always a vast and healthy competition between iPhone vs. android operating system devices. These are the operating system used in devices such as Smartphones, tablets, and so on. The Apple-owned devices would run on its operating system, i.e., iOS. The operating system is unique and user-friendly. Many of the apps that are released into the market are compatible with iOS.

When you are buying a Smartphone or device, you must choose between Android and iOS. There is no way for you to take an immediate swerve to another device until and unless you buy a new one.

The Android apps must be downloaded from the Google Play store, whereas the iOS-based apps can only be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Many mobile manufacturers are developing a mobile that is compatible with Android.

It is only Apple that uses the iOS operating system. The craze for Apple devices is enormous in the market. There is nothing that can replace the craziness for the Apple devices.

iPhone vs. android Comparison


The interface of both Android and iPhone almost looks the same. You perform everyday things on the interface, such as swiping, pinching, zooming, and tapping. Whether you are using an Android or an iOS, both would take you to the home screen like your personal computer.

In the iPhone home screen, you can see all the app icons on the screen. However, in Android, you have an option to switch between icons to widgets and vice versa. The widgets allow you to get the weather information and new emails that you have received. The best thing about the iPhone is that they can pin the apps that they regularly use, such as Whatsapp, Gpay, Gmail, shopping sites, and so on.

There is a status bar on the top of Android and iPhone devices that show you the information such as Wi-Fi signals, battery juices, and mobile signals. On Android, you can view the reminders, messages, and newly received emails.

The highlights of Android N would be split-screen, zoom in, and zoom out, customize the buttons, and support Google Daydream.

Touch ID fingerprint sensor

The touch ID fingerprint sensor is far better compared to the lock screen in Android. It also has face recognition to lock the screen smartly. However, these are not secure. When it comes to iPhone vs. Android, iPhone wins.

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Contact management

Though the contacts in the Android in the much better way compared to iPhone and according to the people, you want to call frequently, but the face time app takes the front seat and wins the brownie points in contact management.


When you press the lock, both Android and iPhone will show you the time. Many Android phones will keep time in the best way compared to iPhone. Few of the smart covers and sensors in the Android devices would show the time when you remove the phone that is put in the pocket out. The daydream clock would keep showing the time when you put the mobile for a charge on the nightstand.


When it comes to iPhone vs. android camera, the camera of the iPhone is unbeatable. You can capture beautiful and high-quality images on the iPhone camera. However, you can manage the photos on Android in the best way compared to iPhone.

There is an unlimited free storage space given on the google drive where you can store all the photos that you have captured on Android. If you want to decide the winner between iPhone vs. android camera, Android takes the cup.

Stock keyboard

You can now be able to see the small letters on the iPhone’s keyboard when you do not always want to use the upper case. The keyboard of the Android is much better on the iPhone. You can have punctuation and special characters on the keyboard.

App management

There are separate App stores for Android and iPhone. The best part of Android is that you have the option to organize the apps better. You can keep the most frequently used apps on the home screen and follow the rarely used apps in the app drawer. The widgets of Android are most useful compared to iPhone.

Number of apps

There are around 60000 apps on the play store of Google. On the other hand, the iPhone has about 700000 apps, out of which 250000 apps are for iPad.

Active notifications

When you see any active notifications on the iPhone, you do not have to unlock the home screen to answer the notification. However, Android will allow you to set which notifications are of high priority to you. When you receive bulk messages, you can see the priority messages first on the top in the list. You can clear off all then notifications on the Android screen just with a single tap.

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Music playing app

There is Google play music available for Android users, and there is a good list of music available for free of cost. The iPhone has impressive iTunes, from which you can download the music files but is not available for free of charge. The quality of the music files of iTunes is rich.

Google maps

Google maps are the best app that is developed. You can use the maps both on the iPhone and Android. However, Siri won’t be able to use Google Maps, and Apple is trying to develop the maps, but it is still inferior to Google maps.

Voice assistant

The best part of the Android voice assistant is that it works even when you talk offline. However, Siri works like a human and understands the human language in a much better way compared to Android.

Messenger app

The Messenger app that is present in Android would let you send the messages and is free to use. However, the iPhone messenger app will allow you to send the voice and text messages to the other iPhone users with ease.

You can combine both the text and Google hangouts to send it to your system using the google voice account, but not so effective. So, the messenger app of the iPhone is better.

File transfer

The transfer of files is quite more effortless in Android compared to the iPhone. You can use the USB port to transfer the files on your mobile to your desktop without using any other apps. You can only transfer the media files through iTunes desktop apps.

Battery life

Android phones have great battery life, but the batteries of the iPhone are not as long as Android. With the help of the hardware and software optimizations, the battery life of the iPhone is also better.

These are the difference that you can see between the iPhone vs. Android.

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