Jake Paul Cries Backstage after Logan Paul Loses to KSI

Jake Paul, the famous American YouTuber, has made it to the news once again. Over the years, by publishing engaging, exciting and intriguing blogging videos to Youtube, he has amassed over 19 million subscribers. Such is his outreach that every vlog or lifestyle blogging video that he uploads on the world’s most popular video publishing and broadcasting platform, drive on an average over 2.5 to 3 million views. A much-awaited boxing match brought Logan Paul face to face with KSI. Jake made things messy and full of drama after the boxing match, which Jake’s brother Logan lost to KSI.

Why Jake Paul broke down in tears after the boxing match?

Jake Paul is renowned for his unruly and inappropriate attitude, which has made him a part of several controversies. In the much-awaited YouTube boxing match between Logan Paul and KSI, where his brother lost, another controversy sprung up. Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, a popular YouTuber from London made his professional boxing debut along with Logan Paul at the YouTube boxing match competition. Reportedly, $900k was the winning prize amount, apart from the coveted title. Neither Logan Paul nor Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji is a trained boxer; however, they geared themselves up and faced each other at the boxing match.

How KSI and Logan Paul fared at the boxing competition?

The opening round of the match seemed very familiar to a fight between two wild men on a street corner. For the audience, there wasn’t much to cheer about in the first round as the two engaged in a fight that didn’t look like a professional boxing match. After finishing up Hail Mary, who fainted ridiculously, both the professional YouTube sensations Logan Paul and KSI tumbled each other in the boxing ring. The second round saw Logan Paul taking a deep breath frequently. It was visible as he was mostly exhaling consistently out of his mouth. In the very next round, KSI deliberately took a swing and missed hitting Logan Paul by taking the support of the rope significantly. The audience broke into a loud cheer, as KSI kept on hitting and jolting Logan. It seemed from the very beginning that KSI was more interested in continuing their brawl while competing for the much-revered YouTube championship belt.

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By the end of the fourth round, it clearly seemed that KSI would emerge as the winner of the boxing championship. He settled the contest by convincingly defeating Logan Paul at the end of the final round of the eagerly-awaited YouTube boxing match. KSI proved and displayed his mightier side even the match took place between the YouTube stars.

The referee of the match was Jack Reese. Fans of Logan Paul hold him responsible for penalizing and deducting two points. He overlooked a couple of times when the London YouTuber knocked down the US YouTuber in the ring by swinging his hand wildly and thrashed him in a manner that disobeyed the rules and guidelines of the boxing match. Fans and followers of Logan Paul who were witnessing the contest among the crowd strongly protested to the decision made by referee Jack Reese. In the fourth round, when both the boxers were panting and taking a deep breath, as they had no experience of getting involved in a slugfest, situations became more messy and violent.

What was the reaction of Jake Paul after the boxing match?

Jake Paul closely witnessed the game of his brother and protested against the referee’s decision that deduced two vital points of Logan Paul. Until the fourth round, the game looked one-sided, as KSI didn’t give a single opportunity to Paul to knock him down. However, he surprised all his fans and followers who were there at the boxing competition stadium, even the ones who were watching the game live on YouTube by a shot that many considered to be the shot of the night. All that he could he did against KSI, but that too resulted in penalization and deduction of points for grabbing and hitting. That incident incited rage among all the fans and followers. Three judges kept keen attention to the match. Two of the judges of the YouTube boxing competition had already conveyed their support to KSI even before the match was started, while only one judge rated the boxing contest in favor of Logan Paul.

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Throughout the boxing contest, it seemed to many fans and followers of both the YouTubers that the two deliberately engaged themselves in a battle for more publicity, besides pride. Prior to the match, a series of bitter online callouts had already taken place between the two.

Despite the odds against KSI, it only because of the referee, the YouTuber from London emerged as the winner. Jake holds Shanon Briggs, the personal boxing coach of Logan Paul for the coveted contest equally responsible. ‘Due to a split decision, two points were deducted from Logan’, remarked Jake, the younger brother and popular 22-year old YouTuber from the United States Of America. He was very excited about his brother’s match, which Logan ended up getting defeated. This very reason made him break down in tears, as he desperately wanted his brother to emerge as the winner for the YouTube Championship Belt.

The rift between Jake Paul and Shanon Briggs

Jake Paul was found abusing Shanon Briggs at the backstage because according to him, the coach didn’t protest against the doubtful decision that the referee made in the boxing ring. It bothered the 22-year old US YouTuber significantly when the coach said to Logan after the match that it was okay to lose the match, as it was his first appearance in the professional boxing ring. Those who follow and admire Jake are certainly aware of his emotional side, and that became prominent when he abused loudly out of agitation. He became super-emotional as he had expected his brother to win the title. The popular US YouTuber has always found saying that he loves his brother more than anyone else, and it would be extra special for him if Logan Paul had won the YouTube boxing contest.

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