All You Need To Know About James Corden Weight Loss Journey

All You Need To Know About James Corden Weight Loss Journey

James Corden achieved fame after he appeared on a British show Fat Friends, which revolved around overweight people struggling with their body weight. He then played Smithy in a popular show Gavin and Stacey, who is another character famous for his large physique.

When James was growing up, he was amongst the biggest kids in the school. Naturally, he would become a target of trolls and his schoolmates would mock him but he decided that he would take charge of the situation, and instead of surrendering to the bullies, the ten-year-old Corden decided to rise above them. He used his quick-wittedness and his confidence to terrify the bullies and successfully scared them away. But deep inside, James himself felt terrified.

James Corden’s fans love him for his larger-than-life personality but he became popular because of his larger-than-life frame. However, the comedian, host, and actor made a statement with James Corden weight loss after he dropped a massive 5 stone of weight. James has tried a number of fitness regimes to lose weight but did not succeed until he moved to America.

Corden achieved fame with a successful TV show in the U.K. He was becoming a household name in the country but very few knew him in the U.S.A. He starred in a Broadway show and won the Tony award. After that, it was The Late Late Show that made Corden famous in the states as well. And since he has launched Carpool Karaoke, everything has changed for him.

All You Need To Know About James Corden Weight Loss Journey

If you are wondering how he managed to reduce so much of body weight, you are in the right place, as this article will talk about James Corden weight loss.

The first step towards James Corden weight loss was to cut out snacking and stop eating some of his favorite foods. He revealed that he cut of bread and sugar from his diet and only eats only at mealtimes now. He has also said that he did not realize earlier that it was not OK to constantly eat all day, and that it was frowned upon. Since the main reason for weight gain is unmonitored consumption of carbohydrates, he had to cut out carbs from his diet.

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James has openly confessed his love for bread and even referred to bread as his food nemesis. He told that he used to gorge on fresh, warm bread and bread baskets and finds it difficult to stay away from them.

James Corden weight loss would not have been successful without the help of Amelia Freer, a nutritional therapist, who has worked with Victoria Beckham, one of James’ friends. He admitted in the past that a trainer came to his house three mornings a week. He has also embraced fad celebrity detox diets in a bit to lose weight but these diets did not contribute much to James Corden weight loss journey.

All You Need To Know About James Corden Weight Loss Journey

James Corden is a fan of Plyojam, which is a workout devised by celebrity trainer Jason Layden. Plyojam involves dancing and therefore, is a fun way to exercise. When he first went to his Plyojam class, his trainer looked at a smiling fat person who would come in every day and enjoy the dancing sessions.

James Corden weight loss is hampered time and again due to his inability to completely lay off gluten. He admitted to gorge on a juicy burger in the Vanity Fair post-Oscars party.

James now weighs 15 stones and has shed 6 stones since his first appearance in 2000 in Fat Friends.

James has also revealed that the reason why his weight loss has been so difficult is because of his metabolism. He told in an interview that he and his wife went to Mexico together and before going, both of them weighed themselves. They ate the same foods. But after returning, when they weighed, James had put 5 pounds more than his wife. Therefore, James Corden weight loss journey is harder than you think.

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James has also noted that when he first moved to America with his wife, he told her that it would be better to rent the furniture instead of buying it since he realized that the chances of him being famous in America are very slim, majorly due to his bulkiness. He said that there has been a history of people coming to America to achieve fame who have failed and went back to their respective places. He thought that he would also have to move back to London since he believed that a chubby guy from High Wycombe who hosts a late-night show and has not hosted a talk show is less likely to become famous. Maybe this had prompted James Corden weight loss.

All You Need To Know About James Corden Weight Loss Journey

However, now he is not any less than a celebrity living in Los Angeles, America. James has also voiced the lead role in a blockbuster Easter film Peter Rabbit. The forty-one-year-old comedian has hosted Tony Awards in 2016, 2019, and Grammy Awards in 2017 and 2018.

James Corden weight loss journey and his pathway to success prove that nothing is as easy as it seems. If you are planning to lose weight, you should first exclude junk foods, carbs, sugar, and other fattening foods. Including protein in your diet would also help you in the process of shedding extra weight. Another contributing factor is exercising. You must choose an activity that interests you and motivates you to practice it daily.

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