Japan offers New Possibilities Towards Development Prior to Tokyo Games

Japan offers New Possibilities Towards Development Prior to Tokyo Games

As the Tokyo Olympics is around the corner, Japan has made itself a hub for business travel. They offer brilliant hospitality that comes with a mix of modern technology and traditional culture. International tourists have been visiting Japan steadily over the past few years. The numbers have only been increasing thanks to several new infrastructure projects and hospitality.

Strategies and development planned by Japan

Mori Memorial Foundation in Tokyo widely researches on modern strategies and development. It includes the annual Global Power City Index that helps evaluate major cities across the globe.

Hiroo Ichikawa, the professor who records the GPCI each year gives an insight into this. He reported that the upcoming games will be compact and held within the city center. The area in focus is the waterfront, making it less necessary for large-infrastructure projects. There is also a drive to use the existing facilities in whichever way possible. For spillover effects or particular achievements, there is more planning and discussion to be done. There will be an inclusion of planning surrounding new technology. Moreover, changing Japanese society will also make a huge impact.

Ichikawa informed that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is rooted in bringing the private and public sectors together to discuss these projects. The possibilities of increasing discussion among stakeholders are bringing in more opportunities to reassess future planning for Tokyo.

National Stadium for Games

An exciting facility that will be revealed is the National Stadium. It will be the main grounds of Paralympic and Olympic Games. It will also be the place the opening and closing events will be held.

The area used for the games is the same place where the former Tokyo Olympic Stadium was built for the 1964 Games. The stadium is all done up and is ready to welcome in spectators and athletes.

The number of tangible benefits from increasing international visitors is many. The professor stated that this will increase opportunities in terms of services and improvements. There will be a more multilingual announcement, help desk, and signage staff who can speak and understand languages other than Japanese.

Since Japan has become more accessible, more places are being able to benefit from the increasing number of people. Visitors are curious about the areas outside of Osaka and Tokyo in terms of growth and opportunities. This way, the overall importance and credibility of Japan might increase interaction and understanding. It also widens global awareness across borders. Improved services will make more cities accessible for every national and international people.

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Understanding special needs

Paralympics will follow the main games of the Olympics. A naturalized Japanese citizen who uses a wheelchair can get around. Josh Grisdale who works with both government agencies in Japan and the private sector, raises awareness related to disability issues.

As business meetings and event markets increase in Japan, conference attendees will have an opportunity to experience the universal design principles of Japan. From the ease of transport for the specially-abled to and elderly, and related economic benefits, both are increasing in Japan’s visibility in the global market.

How Japan’s public transportation help the event hubs?

Tokyo’s railway system has always been technological upgrading. The connectivity around the city is quick and efficient and has new services to serve the people better. A recent addition to public transport is the Takanawa Gateway Station. It helps you connect on the Yamanote Line, which circles in the city. The place is also Japan’s cultural heritage and the roof of the station exhibits origami-like designs. The station helps people connect the two most bustling places of Shinagawa and Tamachi in central Tokyo.

The complete area of Shinagawa is going through development with the construction of new hotels and conference facilities. It is a stop for the bullet trains and also 15 minutes away from Haneda Airport, this station is exciting for business events as well. Some of the most iconic temples and shrines in Tokyo locate around the vicinity. This, in turn, attracts the tourists in Japan who like to explore the heritage along with top-class modern infrastructure.

How travelers delve deep into Japanese culture upon visit

Business travelers who visit Japan usually take an interest in the culture of the country. Tokyo is one place that meets all their needs. A recent example is Suigan, the dinner theater that gives a cultural blast. It was inaugurated in 2018 around the Nihonbashi area. Travelers can experience authentic Japanese cuisine, sweets, sake, and tea while watching traditional performances in the forms of court music, drama, and dance.

Hidetomo Kimura the producer and founder Suigian said that he was influenced by the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games, and said that it reflects a boom for the country. The culture is majorly spreading across the globe and more people are taking an interest. Kimura said that he decided to create a place where people could experience the Japanese culture authentically. The place not only exhibits how Japanese people traditionally were but also how they’ve evolved. He stated that rather than cultural transformation, he wishes to showcase how it has evolved.

How are technological innovations drawing people into Japan?

Japan is not only drawing in people due to their culture and tradition but also due to its technological innovation. For example, the surge of multilingual apps like Tokyo Subway Navigation for travelers says a lot. It is an app that helps any tourist navigate through the city without having a problem of not knowing the local language.

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Another example is the potential usage of QR codes that you can scan from your digital devices for access. Recently, a tech collective led by students developed QR codes that are placed right next to Japanese signs and posters, especially in places where there are many international travelers. You just need to scan the codes with your phone and choose the language you know to translate it into.

How the Olympics Games will use sustainability?

When it comes to planning for the Olympic Games, one topic that international visitors are interested in is sustainability. Their expectations are high on this note. It gives Japan a chance to exhibit their impressive innovations. For example, Tokyo Games are going to be carbon neutral so the electricity supplied for the event will come from renewable resources like solar power, hydropower, and biopower. It will help the continued progress of Japan in this field.

While the games will focus majorly on Tokyo, Japan is trying to ensure that the entire nation feels included. One example of this can be seen in the Plaza of Tokyo Olympic Village. It is being built from sustainable timber donated by locals across the archipelago. Once the usage will be over, the timber will be sent back to its respective places in over to recycle them for newer projects. It will help the local communities to construct buildings, benches, and more.

Final thoughts

Tokyo Games is sure to have a lot of far-reaching features and benefits. From the new transportation facilities to hospitality, from great sustainability to cultural indulgences, there is a lot to look forward to. Thus, all of these make Japan an amazing location for business travelers, event planners, and leisurely tourists.

Note: This research explains much of what was decided prior to coronavirus pandemic. While the situations are different now, but the progress towards development still continues. Moreover, Tokyo Olympic Games have been postponed to 2021 and will be held according to the global scenario in terms of containment of the pandemic, economic factors, and revival of tourism.

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