Jeffree Star- Addressing the Controversies

Cremated Palette

Jeffree Star, the makeup mogul, is all about tea and shades. However, this time it appears as if he has landed himself in the controversy. Recently Star unveiled his Cremated Palette that shook everyone. There were a lot of controversies surrounding the launch, especially its dark name and the timing of the launch. In one of the recent YouTube videos, Jeffree has addressed those controversies.

What are the Controversies?

Cremated Palette

The Cremated palette was launched on May 22, 2020, along with lip gloss and come accessories. The launch fueled fire among the fans, with many of them calling Jeffree insensitive.

The theme of the Cremated palette, as the name suggests, is quite dark. The palette centers on death and have shady names like six feet under, the morgue, RIP, angel of death, etc.

With the world dealing with a global pandemic, fans believe that Star has chosen the worst timing to launch the Cremated palette.

Ever since the launch announcement, the beauty vlogger has been dealing with a lot of flashbacks with regards to the theme and timing. Netizens are calling Jeffree disrespectful of the current situation.

Responding to the Backlash

Addressing the backlashes, Star released a 20 minute long YouTube video where he was seen defending himself. The Cosmetic founder appeared in a goth-themed makeup look created with the Cremated palette, not being subtle with his clap back.

He started by explaining that it takes months to come up with a product. In fact, sometimes creators have to wait for a year to get a product right and launch it in the market.

He continued by saying that there are many people who are saying that the timing is a little weird since there is a lot going on in the world. Jeffree addressed this complaint by saying that creating makeup products is his art, and he never comes from a bad place.

The makeup mogul said that his father, who passed away, was cremated, and his dogs were also created. It is his family tradition for ages.

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People who think that he was insensitive to launch the product now have just misunderstood him. Jeffree said that he had created this brand to bring smiles on the face of people. And for people who felt like they are weird and do not fit in the society. And in no way, he meant for his Cremated palette to come across as offensive.

Jeffree also revealed that the idea of this product came to him last year, and he got the trademark for the Cremated palette in September. The brand had already delayed the launch of the product so much. And if he were to move the launch of the Cremated palette, unfortunately, it would not fit anywhere this year.

Jeffree revealed that he had the year fully schedule, and he would not have been able to put the launch anywhere before the fall of 2021. By that time, the products would have been expired, and he does not want to give his customers that experience as an owner.

Jeffree addressed that he had already delayed the launch a month and a half before his summer collection is rolled out.

In the end, he said that by his explanation, he did not mean to discredit anyone as everyone is allowed to feel how they wish and interpret things the way they want. He just wanted to clarify that he comes from a good place.

About Cremated Palette

Despite the immense controversy, the Cremated palette was sold at 20 minutes of its launch. Jeffree took it to social media to thank everyone who bought the cremated palette. He said that the company had a massive stock, and it was cleared out in just 20 minutes, and everyone is shaken.

The Cremated palette has 24 shades that range from black, brown, dark blue, grey, to white and golden. The eye shadow retails for $58. It was launched along with makeup bags, lip glosses, liquid lipstick, and Cremated themed metal straws.

The outer covering of the palette is beautiful and elegant. It has Jeffree’s face on it with a full face gray-scale makeup from the palette. In the recent video, Star mentioned that the look on the palette cover is not photo-shopped; instead, his best friend Nicole has created the look from scratch. The duo recreated the makeup on the video to show fans how they had pulled it off.

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The inside of the palette is equally impressive; the pans are embedded in structure with marble effect that appears quite chic. All the 24 colors have dark names that are one of the reasons for the controversies. You will see a lot of grey tones in this Cremated palette.

The Look and Feel

Cremated Palette

Jeffree is known for launching some of the best makeup products in the market, and he doesn’t disappoint with his new product as well. The palette though controversial, adheres to the theme perfectly. While some of the products may appear similar, they have different tones when you apply them.

The products are well-pigmented, and the application is extremely smooth. Even the glittery ones are super easy to apply. Whether you are looking for a dark goth look or angelic one, the Cremated palette is perfect for darker themes makeups.

Final Thoughts

Jeffree Star is not new to any controversy; therefore, the beauty vloggers know how to handle situations like these. A lot of people reacted negatively about the launch and touted him to be inconsiderate of the grave pandemic situation. There was a huge section of people who stood by Jeffree, assuring him that he has done nothing to offend anyone. His support quickly jumped to rescue him and responded with comments like it is not like he created the shaded out of ashes, and people just want to get offended at something.

With the product going out of stock in 20 minutes, it was evident that the lovers outnumber the haters. Ever since Jeffree announced that they have ran out of stock, people have been asking him to restock the Cremated palette.


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