Jeffree Star Faces Backlash for Cremated Eyeshadow Palette

Cremated eyeshadow palette

At a time when the world is going through a pandemic and losing thousands of lives every day, Jeffree Star couldn’t find a more appropriate moment to reveal his gothic Cremated eyeshadow palette.

Although the entire idea looks intriguing, what didn’t go well with netizens is that he named it Cremated! Minutes after posting a video that was trending #1 on YouTube over the weekend, people started commenting on how insensitive he seems. The Cremated eyeshadow palette explores dark gothic color tones that Jeffree loves. However, the name seemed inappropriate to a large section of his followers.

Unveiling Cremated eyeshadow palette

The viral video that revealed the colors in his new eyeshadow palette looks very gothic to start with. He shoots it in a room that’s all decked up in black and his own makeup gives glimpses of what to expect from the palette.

Star took to Instagram on May 15, to give an idea about what was coming in his next video. He also wrote ‘get ready to be deceased’, which is a catchphrase for the Cremated eyeshadow palette.

When the video was out, Jeffree showed some of the best metallic shades. These gothic neutrals got names like “weird” and “beautiful ugly grey tones”. One of them is also called “pure cocaine white”, and that’s surely a color to look forward to for wacky makeup styles.

Backlash on Twitter

The video garnered 4 million views within 24 hours and had lots of comments full of enthusiasm and excitement from fans. However, the criticisms flooded in simultaneously and Jeffree had to face quite a backlash. Critics called his branding “insensitive” and “tone-deaf”. Many said that it was a mockery of a global pandemic that has taken away the lives of more than 300,000 people.

These were some of the Tweets that were posted by his followers:

How Jeffree Star explained himself

Jeffree took to Instagram to back his ideologies. He first said that the Cremated eyeshadow palette has become the “talk of the town”. He then said that he accepts both positive and negative perspectives. However, the overall feedback has been amazing according to him.

He goes onto address how people have been talking about his palette on Twitter. He said he created the product for the world and people can interpret it the way they want. Jeffree said he comes with good thoughts and is proud of his work. (Valium) He asked followers to not take the name in a negative way.

Later, he goes onto say that he cremated his father and two pet dogs that passed away last year. He said he doesn’t look at things negatively and also that he doesn’t articulate the way a few people did.

Final thoughts

The Cremated eyeshadow palette revives his teenage years when he used to love dressing up like goth. He leaves the world to perceive the way it does and is unapologetic for what he just offered to his followers.

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