Jennifer Aniston Pays Tribute to “Friends” in Her Iconic PCAs Speech

Jennifer Aniston, who broke several records for being the fastest person to get 1 million followers on Instagram, received the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday. Quite interestingly, the FRIENDS star was presented the award by none other than her co-star Adam Sandler. It is important to mention in this context that Adam introduced Jennifer as an incredible and caring actress with the biggest heart.

On a further note, Adam also added that Jennifer Aniston is exactly the way she is. Despite garnering so much success in recent years, Jennifer likes to stay grounded. It is the actress’ reaction which won over many hearts of the audiences. On being presented the award, she declared that she owns much of her success to this show and its fan. She further elaborated on how this show has catapulted her to the pillars of success.

Before Jennifer was awarded, Sandler introduced her to the crowd with generous and kind words. According to Sandler, Jennifer is much loved amongst her fans and she has a huge fan base. But that is not the only good thing about her! As per Sandler, Jennifer Aniston also has got a huge list of friends and followers who always love her despite her highs and lows. Sandler also added that Jennifer is a loyal and generous person and is nice to everybody.

On the other hand, when Jennifer went up to the stage, it was quite clear that she was surprised by the warm compliments of her co-star. She said that she loves Sandler as a co-star. In fact, Sandler will always be her favorite co-star and friend. Moreover, she was also seen cracking a joke in which she said that she cannot go on praising Sandler as it is not his award.

Turning back to the proceedings of the night, she said that she owes all of her success to FRIENDS. Furthermore, she also added that the fans of this much-celebrated show are also responsible for her groundbreaking success in Hollywood. Primarily, she acknowledged the roles played by the fans of the show in making her success as an actress. Jennifer Aniston’s words clearly melted the hearts of the audiences. She was generous and affectionate in her speech towards her fans.

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Aniston also said that if she is iconic today, the “icon” status is only due to her fans. As per Jennifer, her fans have been at the patronizing best to make her popularity soar up. She also owed all her achievements to the cast and the storyline of the show. Aniston said that FRIENDS was truly a gift of a lifetime to her. She has elaborated on how the cast of FRIENDS has taught her important skills that came to her rescue while she was acting in various other shows and movies. In other words, Aniston at the awards show was of the view that FRIENDS was a platform that greatly helped her to rise in her career.

Her fans latter took to social media to express their views and thoughts about Jennifer Aniston’s speech in the awards show. One fan posted a GIF of Jennifer Aniston and write that he is not crying despite the heart touching words used by Aniston in her speech. On the other hand, other fans are of the opinion that the words spoken by Aniston were so heart touching that they are close to tears now.

On the other hand, fans also posted various tweets and posts related to Adam Sandler. One of the fans said that despite the fact that the night belonged to Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler also own hearts. They highlighted the moment when Sandler paid his deepest tributes to Aniston. Thus the fans wholeheartedly supported the tribute that Sandler gave to his favorite co-star, Jennifer Aniston.

Because of the fact that both Sandler and Aniston acknowledged their success to the fans, the fans were overwhelmed by this gesture. They took turns to post on social media platforms about their appreciation towards their favorite FRIENDS star. All their posts reflected just one thing- that they still love Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Moreover, there are social media posts that also depicted the deep emotions of the fans in the form of the fact that they still like to watch FRIENDS in their free time.

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But as a matter of fact, people all over the world have appreciated her acting skills in the most celebrated TV show of all time- FRIENDS. She debuted in the show in 1994 and since then there was no looking back for Aniston. Due to her flawless acting skills, she managed to be the cynosure of all eyes in the initial stages of her career. Well, she also owed her success to her iconic haircut. It was quite a statement, but at the end of the day, her fans were happy with that sort of statement.

Fittingly, Jennifer also elaborated about her new hit series, The Morning Show. This show marks her first return to TV after bidding goodbye to her favorite character Rachel Green in FRIENDS. She also added that now she is back to the realm of Television where it all started.  She is excited to start work as she is again with an ensemble cast. In other words, Aniston highlighted the importance of a cast in the success of an actor or an actress. She was of the view that there are a lot of things which you can learn from a cast if it is brilliant.

Interestingly, Jennifer Aniston is the second star to receive the trophy after Melissa McCarthy who won it in 2018. According to Jen Neal who also happens to be the General Manager of Lifestyle Digital, Jennifer Aniston has portrayed some of the most iconic characters of the current time. He also added that for gracefully embracing the various facets of drama and comedy, Jennifer Aniston has been rightly awarded the People’s Choice Icon of 2019.

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