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The Tonight Show

Coronavirus spread has been seen everywhere. Most of the countries have declared lockdowns and people are living in Quarantine. Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show, is no different. After the production of the show got suspended earlier this month due to coronavirus concerns, he has been taping and broadcasting new episodes of the show from his home.

A Universal Television and Broadway Video production, The Tonight Show, is a late-night talk show. The first episode of the show aired on February 17, 2014. And currently, it is running in its 7th incarnation with the name: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon is the sixth host of the show and he is accompanied by house band The Roots and the announcer Steve Higgins. The timings of the show are 11:35 p.m. on weeknights. And this incarnation with Jimmy Fallon has seen to be attracting better ratings than the 2014 premiere of the show.

The episode that was aired on March 12, 2020, was audience-less and right after that, NBC made an announcement regarding the suspension of the shoot of the show until 30 March. But Fallon did not disappoint his fans as he came back the following week with an At-Home Edition of the show. He did the taping at his home, with the help of his wife and also introduced his kids on the camera. The episode was not long, as usual, rather it was 20 minutes episode on which he conducted the guest interviews via FaceTime.

Jimmy Fallon’s Views

The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon called the whole taping at home experience a ‘Controlled Chaos,’ in an interview on Wednesday. He said that he has realized that he does not have a quiet room in his house. And to find a quiet spot for the shoot, he might need to lock himself up in the bathroom

Fallon mentioned that his wife of 13-years, Nancy Juvonen, gave him the idea to broadcast the show from his home. The idea originated to her when they both, along with their daughters Frances and Winnie, got into quarantine, two weeks back. Frances is 5-year-old and Winnie is 6-six-year-old.

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He further added that his wife said to him that they all were together in the house and this was the right time to put something out. She then offered him to do the show from his home told the different roles they all will be playing in the process. She said that she would do the camera operations, Winnie would do the graphics and Franny would be handling the music. This way, they would be able to collect some money for the charitable trusts in need.

Airing of the web-based show

The Tonight Show: At Home Edition is aired on the official page of The Tonight Show on Youtube. In every episode, they mention a new charitable organization and also features different celebrity cameos, such as Jennifer Garner and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Fallon going down the memory lane

Fallon compared the current situation of the United States, where people are held in their homes, to the situation following the 9/11 Twin Tower attack. He recalled his memories of that time, he was on SNL and was looking for guidance from his late-night comedians. When David Letterman said, “Courage is what we need right now but sometimes pretending to be courageous is almost just as good.”

He said this quote gave him enough motivation to start the taping of The Tonight Show: At-Home Edition. He further added that at this time of pandemic panic, people should put their problems aside and get together so that bigger things could be accomplished. He also told that his wife’s idea started with an email to his producers and then within no time, everyone wanted to help him with it. This was amazing for the at-home edition’s evolution.

People coming up for help

The Tonight Show

In the first episode of the web-based The Tonight Show, Fallon was seen cracking jokes in his kitchen while playing the guitar. This episode went on-air on last Tuesday. After the show, many comedians, writers, and his friends want to help him with the show. Musician friends also want to help by doing a song that can be put up on the show. None of them is doing all this for rating, it is rather to tell everyone that they are here to help, Fallon mentioned.

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He said that as everyone is quarantined, they all are coming up with the ideas and jokes that can be included in the show, that he will be doing from his home. This would help in bringing a little normalcy in the country.

Enjoying with his family

Jimmy said that his daughters do not know that they are seen by so many people on the internet, they just want to enjoy and play. Though his daughters are aware of his work but have not seen him doing it. Winnie helps him with graphics by drawing on paper with her crayons. And Franny, with her musical skills, disrupts the show as she is always ready to party. He introduces them as his first and second guest every night.

He explained that along with helping the people, he wants to make this quarantine enjoyable for his daughters, as nobody knows how long will this period last and he wants to make the best out of it. And he has also stocked up on all the essential items and his daughters are learning online through the Zoom meeting.

He further mentioned that he has always loved school and teachers and now that he has their responsibility, his love and respect for them has grown deeper.

Final Words

Jimmy Fallon promised to keep the show going to help the people and the world who are in need. And everyone thinks that this is a great idea. With all his talented friends, he will definitely come up with something interesting on every episode of The Tonight Show: At-Home Edition, that people can catch on the official page of the show named: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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