Joe Biden Net Worth- Life of the American Politician

Joe Biden net worth is approximately $9 million. He is an American Politician. It will be easier for you to recognize him when we say that he was the 47th Vice President of the US. Joe Biden was jointly elected with President Barack Obama.

Who Is Joe Biden?

Before becoming a politician, Joe Biden worked as an attorney for a short period. After then he secured his position as the fifth-youngest senator in the history of the US. He served Delaware, US as a senator for the longest time, from 1973 to 2009. In the year 2017, when his vice presidentship was over, he was presented by the Medal of Freedom by Obama.

He started a presidential campaign in 2020.

2020 Presidential Campaign And Campaign Expenses

Biden announced the news of running the campaign on 25th April 2019. At the announcement, Joe Biden highlighted Trump’s attempts to equate people on the two sides of a violent racially charged clash in Charlottesville.

When Joe Biden had to travel the whole country to announce his presidential campaign, undoubtedly, he had many sponsors, and they provided him with travel expense reimbursements, suits, professional drivers, chartered flights. The traveling expenses reached $10,000 at every event.

Currently, many have noticed the fact that Joe Biden’s increasing income rate and lifestyle may be going against the core message of his campaign, i.e., unique among all presidential candidates as Joe can successfully represent as well as connect with the middle-class.

Joe Biden As US Vice President

When Barack Obama selected Joe Biden as running mate, Biden successfully helped Obama in several matters. He supported Obama, campaigning to communicate the message of economic recovery to the blue-collar voters is highly essential to swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Barack Obama and his mate Joe Biden successfully defeated the Republican ticket of Arizona Senator and Alaska Governor, John McCain, and Sarah Palin after that Obama swore as the 44th US president and Biden as the 47th Vice President of the United States.

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During his career as the Vice President, Joe worked mostly from backstage as an advisor. He also took active roles while formulating federal policies relating to Iraq and Afghanistan. As we discussed before, Joe Biden had a successful career as a Senator before becoming Vice President. He used his Senate connections to help in securing the passage with the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the US and the Russian Federation.

Joe Biden Net Worth

As the Vice President of the US, Joe Biden used to earn $230,000 per year. Later, when the US Vice President became former Vice President, Joe Biden Net Worth was reported around $1.5 million. Before he was elected as the Vice President, he mentioned himself several times as the “poorest” politician or as “middle-class Joe.” At that time, Joe Biden Net Worth was less than $500,000. But this fact wasn’t entirely true; some found out that Joe has savings accounts with at least $1000 and Jill two deposit accounts with at least $50,000.

In the following years after his election, he was successful in earning massive amounts. He earned $15 million from book deals and later from speaking engagements. The book deal was with Flatiron Books and, Feb price is approximately $8 million per publisher per week. In 2016, 2017, both Jao Biden and Jill Biden earned $396,000 and $11 million, respectively.

Joe Biden net worth- post president term

After Joe left the White House, he and his wife signed a joint book deal and received $10 million. The joint book deal is the combination of three books, of which two have already been written.

He also became a famous public speaker. Joe can demand hundreds and thousands of dollars for a single speech. For example, Joe Biden gave a speech at Drew University, New Jersey, in 2,018. He was paid $190,000 for that one speech. In 2017 and 2018, he gave more than 40 speeches with five or six-figure speaking fees. Joe Biden Wiki in the years 2016, 2017, and 2018 was $400,000, $11 million, $4.6 million, respectively.

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Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, is a teacher at Northern Virginia Community. She earns $100,000 per annum. Joe and Jill’s net worth also includes a per month rent of $20,000 of their $4 million mansions in McLean, Virginia. And $2200 per month for renting a guest house to the secret service when he was in office.

The former Vice President Joe Biden also created several other organizations after leaving his office. He helped in establishing the Biden Foundation, University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Biden Center for Global and Diplomacy engagement, the Biden Institute at the Delaware University, and also the Biden Cancer Initiative while campaigning. Biden mentioned that he did not take any salary from the organizations.

Real Estate

It is found that most of the Joe Biden Net Worth is in his real estate. Joe’s current residential home is in the neighborhood of Greenville, Delaware. Joe and Jill bought the home in 1997. At that time, it cost $350,000. It is reported that recently similar homes if that area was sold for more than $2 million. At the front of Joe’s house, there is a man-made lake that was made by the members of the wealth du Pont family.

His other home in Delaware was bought by Joe and Jill, soon after signing their joint book deal. They paid $2.74 million to purchase a six-bedroom vacation home in Rehoboth Beach in 2017.


Joe Biden is undoubtedly a financially established politician even better after he left his office. But some reports have shown that he too has many debts and liabilities. The Bidens have a $540,000 mortgage on the Wilmington house. The last record dates back to  2013 which is pending till date. He also has a line of credit for $15000 to $50,000.

The Bidens contribution is more than $1 million to charities. The Bidens family controls two families under the Beau Biden Foundation and Joseph Biden Foundation. The Beau Biden Foundation works for children protection.

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