Join Safiya Nygaard And Bake A Wedding Cake With All The Flavors In It

wedding cake

People create giant and enormous wedding cakes on their special day and some may think it is pretty crazy. However, how much crazier can it be when you create a wedding with different cake flavors possible. Safiya Nygaard has baked a wedding cake with all the cake flavors and it is perfect for the bride that wants it all. Many of you already know that Safiya is now engaged she now calls herself to be a mixing fiend. She has previous mixed many of her makeup products, lipsticks nail polishes and candles. Above everything, she wanted to know if she can perform a wedding theme Franken experiment.

Now, the question many people will ask Safiya that how on earth will she make a Franken wedding cake. Well, she firmly declared that, just like goes mixing everything, she will also do the same thing with the cake. This means she adds all the cake batter and produces a big and massive wedding cake that will be something to watch out for. Safiya later says that since all the science experience is getting increasing big. For which, she plucked out some inspiration from the reality tv classic called the “Cake Boss”.

This made her decide to make a wedding cake that will be much grander. She also made it clear that for the Franken cake, every single cake should get its flavor. In the middle of the video, she took the time to promote her Franken lipsticks. They are back in stock and has new and great colors, and it is already available on the website of Color Pop. Safiya knows that she is no expert in baking a cake or a professional for which issues might take place. For such occasions, she already purchased a cake for a backup.

Seeking help from Rosanna Pansino

However, to give the wedding cake the best shape possible, Safiya called in her baker-friend Rosanna Pansino, who will help her by providing a good consultation service. This will be based on how they will create a giant cake, without destroying it and always herself. Later on, Safiya visited Rosanna at her home as she already being briefed on the matter. Rosanna went on to say that she thought about it a lot in theory and gave it thinking on how one can assemble this cake. Rosanna also checked in the information on how many tiers of cake one can make, but Safiya said she wants as many tiers as possible.

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wedding cake

Safiya also added that there few things they have to keep in mind. One is that the cake pans will only come in circular shapes of various sizes. Second is the size of the oven, since her house kind of small for which she planned on renting an industrial oven. However, even if you get those big boys in the house, they too have their limits as well. For the Franken wedding cake, she will require an 18-inch wide cake pan for the base, and 4 inches wide for the top tire. When you position all of them together, it will allow you to get 8 tiers of cake with 32 different flavors.

These flavors will not be all them that many of us imagine it to be but when it comes to a conventional cake for a wedding, it will be worth having them all. Rosanna took the chance to jot down all the different flavors for the cake, which Safiya can pair up with. To put all the flavors in the cake two main objectives are required to be followed. First, Safiya and her gang will be making a diverse of a cake as possible from the appearance and taste. Second, make sure to use the cake types, that can support each layer when placed on top of each other.

Another step Safiya will take to highlight all the cake flavors is to create the corresponding frosting, which will go between the layers. This will allow her to provide the “True Franken Cake Experience”. Safiya also went on to say that she and her crew will try tasting all the 32 different cakes as possible in one go. Fast-forwarding to after a week later, Safiya order an ungodly amount of cake pans, grabbing all the ingredients and prepping all the stuff. However, she is all set to take on her wedding cake experiment in full-force.

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The baking showdown

So, the whole crew along with Safiya got down together to bake all the cakes at the same time. Safiya said she got all the ingredients and equipment, and she has more eggs than anyone in her fridge. She also declared she will be mixing all the extra batter of each of the cake flavors in a cup, which she will place on top of the cake. For the basic cake flavor of the wedding cake, she will be using all the common cake mixes. These cake mixes are chocolates, vanillas, and birthday party cake mixes. She decided that it will be used primarily in the biggest layers of the cake.

The bottom layers of the wedding cake will require a good deal of ingredients, and with the help of the automatic mixers, all the big bowls of batter will be mixed well. Once the batters are ready, the bowls of batter were taken downstairs where the industrial ovens are and were poured into their appropriate pans. The pans were already pre-greased and the parchment paper was already applied.

Then she took the pans and placed them into the oven. Other different cake flavors will go under the big layers of the wedding cake namely lemon, strawberry, pumpkin spice, and the original allspice. She also brought some of the best cake flavors for the top tier. The flavors for the top tier of the wedding cake like the angel’s food cake, salted caramel, butter yellow, cookies and cream, and red velvet.

Final words

The whole crew helped her prepare the cake she was aiming for, and practically it came out as something she never expected but Safiya was satisfied with it. The taste of each layer was amazing both Safiya, her crew and even Rosanna who was invited for tasting, just loved it. You can just her video on cake experience in YouTube, and well, get inspired with it.

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