7 Kylie Jenner Makeup Ideas for a Natural Everyday Look

Your pretty makeup bag comprises a thousand makeup products, and you absolutely have no idea which suits well for an everyday natural look? And this is the reason why you have been dragged here to know about Kylie Jenner Makeup tips? Now that you’re here to sort things out with your makeup, let’s get straight to how a wrong application of makeup can discourage your overall look.

Listen, it doesn’t matter whether you have a dusky skin tone or a fairer one. What matters is, how well you apply your foundation or how smoothly you blend your concealer! Your face is the canvas, and you would never want to make it a white canvas with bad lighting and overexposed foundation, right? So here you go with the Kylie Jenner Makeup ideas that you need to master for an everyday natural look.

7 Prominent Kylie Jenner Makeup Ideas for Everyday Look

Acquiring natural looking makeup skills is something that you need to master! Because, let’s just put things simply, defining a natural look by application your makeup products is way too difficult than you think. For, it requires all things perfectly blended onto your skin, such that anyone looking at you cannot make a difference. Here’s a tip before we get started. Regardless of whether or not you choose to go for natural looking, it is always mandatory to clip up your front hair. The hair poking on your eyes and nose can create obstacles to start off with the application. Now let us move on to the Kylie Jenner Makeup ideas which include the below offered tips.

Foundation isn’t the starting point


Before you think to start applying your foundation, Kylie Jenner Makeup ideas speak the glory of using a face primer. Not only does it smoothen out your skin but it also makes your skin look more even and polished. It creates a canvas for applying other makeup products by filling the pores and blemishes. The next thing is applying a lip mask, for it promises to moisturize the lips and makes it look plumper. 

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A right choice for foundation 


Here’s what Kylie Jenner Makeup ideas indicate! What foundation you choose entirely depends on your skin type and tone. You have to acquire skills to use your foundation. If it’s a liquid one, always use the right brush! Dab your foundation on four spots of your face and use a brush to get your foundation blended onto your skin correctly. Go over your eyelids and brows! You can take you time while doing this, may be put your music on while applying? After that, use your beauty blender and get down on your neck to smoothen it!

There’s a trick to use your concealer, remember that!

You can go for a mix and match process, maybe, add a drop of your moisturizer and add the product! Apply your concealer on your forehead and nose. You can get a natural finish by blending the concealer with your finger. Now, with a beauty blender, undertone the parts where it is supposed to be and blend it smoothly! Don’t forget to do the same on the under eye areas!

A right application of eye and brow makeup

How many times have you felt that your eyebrow makeup doesn’t fit in with your overall look? Since eyebrow filling is a basic in the everyday routine that you follow, you simply cannot say a ‘no’ to it! So here goes the best Kylie Jenner Makeup for eyebrows. Since your eyebrows frame your face, it should be brushed down the brows! Line it underneath and extend it out for a longer end.

Now comes the more accurate part of your eye, the eyelids! While most people think that applying eye shadow isn’t a tough job, blending it is something important! Pick a taupe color and use a denser brush for dabbing it! Don’t sweep, just work your way to the crease. In this way, you can simply avoid you eye shadow from getting on your cheeks. Apply your eye liner accordingly! There’s no hard and fast rule to how you apply it, you can make a fish tail too!

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Work on the apples of your cheeks

The apples of your cheeks, we mean the blush, is supposed to be worked minutely. The Kylie Jenner Makeup ideas indicate that the right application of your blush should not be too much of it or too less of it. While most of makeup enthusiasts prefer going for peachy tones, there’s no denying how some pink tones can look natural on your skin! You should always choose a color blush, a warmer one, for a natural look! And don’t forget to get yourself a fluffy brush for this! For mascara, wiggle it at the lashes’ route and keep sweeping up until it is accurate.

Don’t over-highlight your skin

Basically, the job of a highlighter is to attract light to create the illusion of height and brightness. It’s not something that makes you fairer (or duskier), mind you! It creates a lit-from-within natural look! And if you’re using contouring, a highlighter can enhance your overall look; make it look all the more natural. Remember to use it on the top of your nose, cheekbones, and center of your forehead! Blend it well!

Did we miss out something? (Oh, that’s Lipstick!)

Lips do the talking, even when you don’t apply all the makeups for regular purpose. It entirely depends on your skin tone and the way you want to look! The last day when you applied that red lipstick, it was really suiting you! After all, who would say a no to a red lipstick, especially when you’re using a red lipstick by Kylie Jenner Makeup products? However, if you prefer a natural look, do not go for bold colors! Maybe the brown nude or peach ones can handle it pretty well! And if you’re using a liquid lipstick that tugs on your lips, remember to blend it well with your finger!

Now that you’re ready to go, just using a setting spray would be enough! However, if you run out of time and can’t decide which areas to work on, you can go for 5-minutes Kylie Jenner Makeup ideas and concentrate on a concealer, blush, brush, and brows! Lastly, remember, applying your makeups smoothly is an art which you require mastering! 

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