Link building in 2020 – What are your options?

As the SEO industry is furbishing more and more with increasing amount of content and techniques of link building.For SEO link building is like lifeblood backed up by content and authority referring links. These links provide an authority, backup and refer search engines towards your website. Therefore, from both perspectives; the website and the search engine, links have great importance.

For 2020 people must be looking for new techniques and new tricks but they are unaware that there is no short cut. iGaming link building is a responsible task and for 2020 when more digitalization will be prevailing you have to stick by some rules firmly for your SEO link building.

Let’s have a look on link building in 2020, what are your options?

Focus on quality, not quantity

Quality matters more than quantity. For 2020 link building there is an utmost need for quality backlinks. Most of the time, websites focus on getting more and more backlinks, and neglect quality of these links But from now onwards, smarter search engine crawlers will be more keen about authority, reference and strength of these links. In other words, in 2020 backlinking is more about high-quality links rather than high quantity links because it will make your website sand out from the most.

Word press redirection

If your website is built on some content management system like word press so it is essentially easy for you to have a redirection technique inbuilt. It is mostly needed when you change, customize or opt for a new UR for an existing page, you need to have 301 Redirection and this is so important for links you build for your pages. To pass on the link from right direction towards right direction this trick is so important. Because you need to headset you backlink so you must be ken about this type of short but meaningful link strategy.

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Bulk outreach to promote and to get quality backlink within no time has been one of the most trued link building techniques in the SEO field. And it will work in 2020 too. For this purpose you have to make a long list of websites that are similar in niche as your website and reach them out for referral links for you.  This outreach campaign will also enable you to get link juice and competitive edge long with quality backlinks.

Social links via social platforms with a twist

The next world belongs to social sharing and social platforms. Till 2021 there will be no business left that has no online presence on social media. People visit these social sites more than online stores and you have to take advantage of this. Engage people more towards you and make them visit your website via social platforms by doing smart social sharing and social media campaigns. In 2020 most powerful links will be coming through social sites.


Now the time has come to use smarter techniques for link building in SEO. Infographics are visual and graphical representations of your content that link to your website no matter where they get posted on. Also, they refer back quickly through audience attendance and give more post engagements. Graphical representation catches more eyes and more authority thus giving you more link juice.

Final words:

Smarter and flexible techniques with more power and fewer resources used will be implanting for getting high-quality authority links for websites. In other words, 2020 is all about digital experimentation and world will feel no hesitation in these experiments.

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