What Does LOL mean: LOL Meaning in Texting

LOL Meaning in Texting

LOL: An Acronym to Cybernauts

If you are a person who is a social butterfly and love talking to your buddies and pals through texting over these platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Twitter and so on, then you must have come across the acronym “LOL”. If you just happened to have heard or seen “LOL” and want to know about it, then worry no more buddy. You have landed at the right place. When I came across the acronym “LOL” for the first time, I was also a bit confused and multiple questions aroused in my mind like, “What does LOL mean?”, “What does LOL stand for?” “Where can I use it?”. Well, here I have jotted it down what you need to quench your query.

“LOL”, Full form

“LOL” stands for “Laugh out loud”. It is one of a few common acronyms that is used to convey laughter to text on social media. In this age of technological advancement or popularly known as “Digital age”, it might be very embarrassing for a person if they don’t know about such an old acronym. You simply could make a fool of yourself in front of your friends if you don’t know how to use “LOL” or “What LOL stands for?”

“LOL” instead of Laugh out loud!

Now, a question might arise in your mind that, “why should we use LOL instead of the full phrase laugh out loud?”. Well, there are few simple reasons behind this, So, let’s get into it, shall we?

It Saves time while texting or typing:

When you are texting your friends or family through your device (smartphones or computers), and you know well that it does not require any formal writing at all, then you can use “LOL”. It helps you save your time and also fewer efforts are required to type a message, and hence it fulfills the main motive of texting, making others understand your quick messages.

It makes you stand out from others:

People generally tend to give more importance to those things which are unique to them. If you use “LOL”, it makes your text different from others, and when you use it in front of others who do not know about it, it makes you unique, and hence you stand out from others and at the same time, it differentiates your text from others.

It makes you look smart:

Well, we can not deny the fact whenever we come across something new and unique, we become curious about it, and this curiosity opens up the doors for us to look smart in front of others. If we use abbreviations like “LOL” instead of laughing out loud in text communication, then the people who are unaware of this acronym will ultimately perceive you to be smarter than them. Therefore, they will subconsciously put you above them and value your intelligence.

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It works as an exhibitionist:

Generally, when we receive a text from our friends and family, we do not pay much attention to it, but as soon as we see an abbreviation between a text, we have to pay a bit of attention to understand the meaning and full form of the abbreviation. It is, as a matter of fact, the abbreviation works as an attention seeker, and this is proven through a study in psychology.

Where can “LOL” be used?

There are uncountable scenarios where we can use “LOL”. We can use it in the middle of any face to face conversation. But it is most widely used in textual communication, which is in Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook messenger, etc. Though we have to keep in mind that “LOL” is used to convey laughter or slight amusement and should not be used somewhere where it might be misunderstood.

For example;

Boy #1: It is one of the worst days of my life. My cat died!

Boy #2: I am very sorry to hear that man, take care buddy, LOL!

Here, in the above example, the use of “LOL” is a total blunder because the second boy misunderstood “LOL” for lots of love and not laughs out loud. Therefore, we have to keep in mind in which context we should use this.

Rules for using “LOL”!

You might be thinking if there are any hard and fast rules for using “LOL” instead of the whole phrase. Well, you need to be a bit cautious while using it as it is a very informal way of texting and should never be used in professional or formal text. Not only that but also while talking to a friend in an informal way as if it is misunderstood, it might hamper your friendship or relationship with them. If you know the full form of “LOL” and what does “LOL” mean? Then, my dear, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. And if you need some examples of how to use “LOL”, then I am jotting down some quick examples for you so that you can get a better perspective of using “LOL”.

Example 1

Man#1: My son came all the way from school to get his bag pack, then he had a snack and left without it! LOL!

Man#2: LOL! I guess the snack was more important!

Example 2

Girl#1 My dog took your cat’s food yesterday!

Girl#2 LOL! That is why my cat seems angry with your dog!

Example 3

Friend#1 * Tells a Joke*

Friend #2 LOL! Man, that literally crack me up exclamation

Hence, in the above three examples, I have tried to cover most of the aspects where we can use “LOL” instead of laughing out loud in a conversation, whether face to face or through text on social media or short message services. I think this might just be sufficient to give a hint of where is the probable place and what is the probable context of when to use “LOL” instead of laugh out loud.

Acronyms similar to “LOL”

In this digital age, people do not generally like to waste time as it is widely known “time is money” and hence wasting time is like wasting money. Therefore, people try to save their precious time and efforts by any necessary means. Therefore, abbreviations are used. “LOL” is not the only and lonely abbreviation that is used to convey amusement or laughter; there are several more. You can check those out below.

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“ROFL” which generally means “Rolling on the floor laughing” is a very appropriate acronym when a person cracks a great joke or when the situation demands a great deal of laughter. On the one hand, “LOL” conveys slight amusement whereas in the case of ROFL it conveys a great deal of laughter.


“LMAO” which is generally known as “laughing my a**off” is one of the vulgar acronyms which is similar to “LOL”. Even if you use “LOL” or any kind of abbreviation in an informal text, it is supposed to be ok, but this one particular should only be used if the person you are texting is a very good friend or a peer whom you know very closely. Just like “LOL” and “ROFL” it also conveys a great deal of laughter but in a very explicit way.


“PMFL” which is also known as Peeing myself laughing. Just as “LMAO” it is also a vulgar one and should not be used in the presence of an older person or any person whom you respect as it might be kind of disrespect towards them. Just like “LMAO” and “ROFL”, this conveys a great deal of laughter but unlike “ROFL” and “LOL” it is an explicit abbreviation that should only be used with friends or peers whom you know very closely.

Expression similar to LOL:

Below are the few examples that are most familiar to netizens and these are used to give a similar expression like “LOL. So, let’s get into these. Don’t you want to check them out?

HAHA (Laughter):

HAHA is generally used by people while texting on social media like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter and so on to convey a peal of light laughter. These expressions are mostly used while texting your friends. This type of expressions is generally used by people as they have the most comical significance to them. Therefore, these expressions are preferred over acronyms.

BWAHAHA (Maniacal laughter):

This comical expression is generally used when a friend cracks a great joke, and you need to express it to him that the joke which he cracked has really needed a full blast.


*In A Group Chat*

Man #1: Hey, guys! Listen, I have a joke! My wife and I were happy for 20 years, then we met!

Man #2 HAHA!



Final thoughts

Here, in this article, I have tried to explain one of the most popular acronyms “LOL” which is widely used on various social media platforms from every possible angle. Although it is not tough to use the full form of “LOL” but already being explained the advantages of using the acronym “LOL” instead of using the full phrase Laughs out loud, I hope, I have been able to answer all those questions which might have aroused in your mind. Now you know almost every single pros and cons of the acronym “LOL”. So, what are you waiting for? Go and use your “LOL’s and be happy always!

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