Maybelline Products- The Review

Maybelline products

People who love makeup only stick with high-end makeup products, mainly due to the unsatisfying experience of the drugstore make up brand. However, over the years, the latter has truly picked up the game and has been competing for head-on with high-end brands. 

When we talk about drug store makeup products, Maybelline is a brand that stands at the forefront. With richer ingredients and better formula, Maybelline products have come a long way. 

It is not just, Jeffree Star, the famous makeup experts also agrees with us. Star is known for doing tutorials using only high-end makeup products as he had many bad experiences with the lower-end makeup products. 

But he has also noticed the rising popularity of Maybelline products and decided to do a complete makeup tutorial on them. He got a bunch of products from the local store and made a YouTube video tutorial. In this article, we are reviewing the Maybelline products selected by Jeffree Star. 

Baby Master Primer

Maybelline products

Before starting the makeup, you need to prep your face, and for that, Maybelline’s Baby Master Primer is perfect. The formula absorbs into your skin effortlessly, closing up the pores without clogging them. There are other primer options as well, like Baby Skin, which also does a great job. It creates an even base and helps the makeup stay longer on your face.


Foundation is among Maybelline products that is the most popular. There are different types of foundations, including Maybelline Fit Me Matte, Maybelline New York Super Stay, Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Liquid Mousse Foundation, etc. For this review, let’s stick to the mousse formula. 

As the name suggests, the foundation blends like a dream, giving an airbrushed look. It does an excellent job of hiding your pores and making your face look flawless. The formula of this foundation, along with the primer ensures your makeup stay put even after hours. 


Similar to the foundation, you will find an array of Maybelline products under the concealer category. There is Super Stay concealer, Fit me concealer, Instant Age Rewind concealer, and many other options. The Instant Age Rewind concealer is the most popular product under this category. It blends like a dream that hides the little imperfection perfectly and gives your face an edge. It has a very soft texture and dries out quite nicely. 

Setting Powder

It is an important product that ensures that the makeup you have applied does not fall out. Master Fix Setting and Perfecting Loose Powder is one of the most talked out Maybelline products in the market. It sets your entire makeup to perfect and create a protective layer so that your hard work stays put. 

Powder Foundation

Maybelline products

Not many people use this step, but if you want to set your foundation, then Maybelline products have got you covered. You can use Fit Me Set and Smooth powder over your face to set your foundation thoroughly. 


The contour gives your face a sharp look and highlights your features. You can either opt for a contour stick or the Mater contour face contouring kit. The contour has a rich pigment that makes sure that you have easy application. A simple, light glide with your brush is enough to get the results you desire. 


Maybelline products cater to a broad audience; therefore, the brand has excellent varieties of all their products. The blush comes in different shades to suit different skin tones and look preferences. The formula of these Maybelline products is extremely smooth, and they are impressively pigmented. 



Maybelline does not have an extensive collection of over-the-top highlighters. There are a liquid illuminator and chrome highlighter that you can work with. The chrome one, just like other Maybelline products, comes with excellent pigmentation, so you only have to use a tiny bit to get the glow. As for the liquid illuminator highlighter, it does dry quite quickly, so you will have to work a bit to set it to the right tone. 

Brow Pencil 

Maybelline has an extensive collection of brow pencils. You will find different shades and shapes that you can choose based on your brow needs. These Maybelline products also impress the customers with its rich and long-lasting formula and easy application. 

Eye Shadow Palette 

Coming to the eye shadow palette, the brand offers an array of varieties. Whether you want a nude look or go for bold eyes, there is an eye shadow palette that will suit your needs. You can either opt for pan form or stick eye shadow based on your convince. Pan shadows are small in size, therefore it kinds of becoming difficult to get the product into the brush. Owing to the pigment, you have to go through fewer strokes. 

Lip liners and Lipsticks

Maybelline products

Maybelline products are known for their variety, and in these two segments, you will have a gamut of options to explore. From nudes, dark, to liquid and matte, there are so many shades in the various formula. While the lip liner shades are top-notch, the tips are really thin, which makes the application tad bit tiring. 

Eye Liner and Mascara

 Whether you want liquid eyeliner or pencil one, Maybelline products have got you covered. You will also find eyeliners in different color varieties. The Mascara line comes with a thick formula that livens up your lashes in a perfect manner. 

Setting Spray 

Master Fix and Lasting Fix are the two products that rule this segment. Once you are finished with the makeup, simply shake and spray the liquid all across your face. (adderall online) The formula dries up quickly, so your face will not feel wet.

Final Thoughts

Just like many of us, Maybelline products surprised and impressed Jeffree Star as well. He liked almost all the products that he has tried, especially the foundation. Drug store brands are catching up with high-end makeup products. The former has begun to emphasize on their ingredients in order to make a formula that resembles the richer brands.

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