Microsoft Surface Duo is All Set To Blow Your Minds!

In this digital world, everything is automated to make human lives better and comfortable. Technology has evolved at a tremendous rate paving the way for radical changes in the world. There’s no doubt in asserting that technology has placed everything into our palms. Within a few clicks and scrolls, we can access information from any corner of the world.

If we take a look at the past when computers came in large box sizes and consumed a large space, people would have never thought that the same computer will become lightweight and feature-rich. With every technological advancement, there is a brand new feature and upgrade that makes it better than its previous version. Whether it is computers, laptops, or smart gadgets, every tech-product has made our lives easier.

Microsoft is one such company that has given its immense contribution to the tech-domain since its inception. From the operating system to tech-gadgets, Microsoft has extended its products and services with a view to providing seamless solutions to the customers. Microsoft tablets and smartphones have been widely popular among global customers for its lightweight and single-purpose use. Bringing a revolution in the tablet and smartphone industry, Microsoft has revealed the first look of its latest dual-screen device, Microsoft Surface Duo.

What Makes Microsoft Surface Duo The Talk of The Town?

A trendsetting smart device focused on productivity and mobility. Microsoft Surface Duo is a dual-screen table phone that can easily fit in your pocket. Divide your tasks into two different screens with a 360° revisionary hinge. Bringing the best of Microsoft and Android together, Microsoft Surface Duo is the next best thing to invest in.

The Microsoft dual-screen device is all set to launch in the coming holiday 2020. The company revealed the first look video on YouTube of the device on 02 October 2019. Aimed to provide productivity on the go, the all-new Microsoft Surface Duo is brimmed with specifications you would have ever dreamed of.

Microsoft Surface Duo Specifications

Minutes after the first look was released, Surface Duo became the center of attraction among the audience. The YouTube video has so far bagged more than 1.4 million views, and product reviewers have already started making anticipations on its detailed specifications. Whether its 360° revolutionary hinge or perfect mobility, Microsoft Surface Duo has already won millions of hearts with its specifications. Without further ado, let’s delve into the much talked about Surface Duo specifications:-

Flawless Display

Display is one primary criterion we look out for in every smart gadget. While manufacturers are working towards extending displays and enhancing the user experience, Microsoft has put words into action by introducing a dual-screen display with a 5.60-inch touch screen on either side. No more minimizing the current tab to work on another, with Microsoft Surface Duo, you can tackle your tasks on dual display. Make a call, jot down notes, play games, or write a mail; now everything is possibly seamless with Microsoft Surface Duo.

Powerful Processor

The processor is something fuel up your device and accelerates its performance. Microsoft Surface Duo is proudly equipped with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor that will expedite all your app loading time and RAM power. Snapdragon 855 is three times faster and efficient than its previous version of the 845 processor. ( With a clock speed of 2.42 GHz and a prime core of 2.846GHz, Microsoft Surface Duo is deemed to harness the specs of Snapdragon 855.

Quality Front Camera

What is the worth of a smart device, if it doesn’t come with a camera? Microsoft Surface Duo is expected to be equipped with a front camera that is perfect for clicking quality selfies. Though it does not have a rear camera due to its 360 degree built, Surface Duo front camera will not disappoint you in taking flawless selfies and making quality video calls.

Powered By Android

The all-new Microsoft product is powered by Android. All the Android users are already excited to use a Microsoft product with an Android operating system. You can now use all your Android apps and service utilities on dual screens.

All-Encompassing Sensors

Sensors have become an unavoidable specification of every smart device today. When it comes to Surface Duo specifications of sensors, the dual-screen device is equipped with all the imperative sensors. Below is the list of Microsoft Surface Duo sensors:-

  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Compass/Magnetometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Gyroscope


Connectivity is also n important specification to look out for. The all-new Microsoft Surface Duo comes with eminent Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to make things easier for you. It is also equipped with a USB Type-C port that enables fast charging on the go.

Technology is boon for mankind than a bane. Whether in the form of tablets and smartphones, technology has placed the world right in our palms. Everything we need is just a few clicks and scrolls away. For the past few decades, technology has treaded at a tremendous pace. New gadgets and software are introduced every hour. Microsoft is one such tech company that has brought innovation to the table every time it added something new to its product line.

Microsoft Surface Duo is its latest dual-screen device that is scheduled to be launched by 2020. Since it’s first look revealed on YouTube, audiences and gadgets geeks have been drooling over this beauty. When it comes to Surface duo specifications, there are ample of surprises awaiting you. From 360° revolutionary hinge to a 5.60-inch touchscreen display, Microsoft Surface Duo is brimmed with drool-worthy specifications.


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