Miniminter’s Fun Girlfriend Vs. Best Friend Q&A Session 

girlfriend vs best friend

Miniminter is one of the popular YouTube channels that have over 8 million subscribers.  He is basically a YouTube gamer who is reckoned for his commentary, and vlogs featuring FIFA. He also posts fun question and answers sessions with new guests as well. Recently he did a fun Q&A session that centered on the theme girlfriend vs. best friend. Basically, he asked them to decide who knows him better. 

Let the Questionnaire begin. 

girlfriend vs best friend

Before we get on the questions, let’s clear that there is no hard and fast rule. The one that gives more fun and right answers win. 

Question one was if Miniminter was a vegetable, what would be the be. So JJ put celery because it tastes good with hummus (everyone loves hummus). As for Talia, she wrote Big Carrot (wink wink). And much to JJ’s disappointment, Miniminter chose Talia for the ego boost. So this round of girlfriend vs. best friend goes to Talia. 

The next question was what kind of crisp he would like to eat right now. It could be a flavor or a particular type of crisp. Talia wrote Monster Munch. Miniminter did not seem too impressed by the answer. Well, let’s go to JJ to see what he wrote. He wrote Salt and Vinegar, the Walker edition. Clearly, here in the girlfriend vs. best friend, the latter stole the show. JJ won because he wrote an actual crisp, whereas Talia did not. 

Let’s jump into the next fun question Miniminter in the battle of girlfriend vs. best friend. So he asked if he were to have a safe word, what would that be. While Talia seemed completely clueless about this answer, JJ seemed to have gotten the answer in seconds.  So JJ wrote Further, and Talia wrote Daddy No, which is something that Miniminter said in one of his streams. Talia obviously did not get the point for Daddy No, making JJ the winner of this round. 

The next question was if he were to have another name, would JJ or Talia name him. Miniminter’s real name is Simon. But they have to name him except Chase and Simba. So Talia would like to name him Morpheus, and JJ would apparently call Miniminter Flat Stretcher. 

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Considering that JJ already had dibs on the name Morpheus, Simon minter has to rename him as Flat Stretcher. So in this round of girlfriend vs. best friend, the latter win again. But we did like Talia’s name better. 

Coming to the next question, if Simon was sponsored by a brand for the rest of his life that will represent him or sum up his life, which brand will it be?

While Talia said her answer is basic, Simon seemed quite excited to see’s name on her board. JJ, on the other hand, put the GAP. Seeing the quality of the answer, it is clear that Talia won this round of girlfriend vs. best friend. 

Let’s jump into the next question, which was – Name a very sick movie, which translates to name an extremely good movie. Obviously, both of them had to name a movie, which Simon loves. 

So after a small self-appreciation session, JJ revealed his answer, which was the Human Centipede. Simon and we both agree it is quite a dope film. Talia wrote Remember the Titans, again a great movie, and it is also a movie that she apparently refused to watch with Simon. Since Talia did not even watch the movie, the point of this round of girlfriend vs. best friend goes to JJ. 

Moving on to the next question, if Simon were to have a normal job, what would it be except Policeman or footballer. So reveal time, let’s start with Talia, who wrote a footballer. Wait, didn’t he just said except Policeman and footballer? JJ wrote pube plucker, and unfortunately, he won this round even with this weird answer. 

Let’s move on to the next question of girlfriend vs. best friend round. So the question was, what is the name of his non-profit organization?

So after a little contemplation, JJ wrote M7 Education, and Talia wrote the same, so they both get points. 

Apparently, JJ received a lot of backlash for not remembering it. Now hopefully, haters can calm down and stop being mean to him. 

The next question was if Simon were to listen to only one song for the rest of his life, which song would it be. Coming to the answer, Talia wrote Five On It, which Simon seems to like a lot. JJ wrote Stan by Eminem and seemed very confident in his answer. 

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And, he did win this round because Simon will choose to listen to Stan for the rest of his life. 

At this point, Talia seems to be losing it, so she had to go out and take a break and get herself something refreshing to drink. 

Coming to the next question apart from stubbornness, which is Simon’s worst trait?

girlfriend vs best friend

 JJ wrote breathing, which is deeper than stubbornness. Simon also didn’t know how to react to that. Talia, on the other hand, wrote indecisiveness, and she wins this point.

So the next question was if he was home alone and there was a fire, what is the one thing he would save? Surprisingly, both of them wrote JJ’s hamster.

The next question was if Simon could learn one language instantly, what would that be? So JJ wrote Yoba so he can be more black whereas Talia wrote Japanese so that he can watch anime better. The girlfriend won this round for her thoughtful answer. 

Let’s jump to the next question if Simon had to eat at one restaurant for an entire week, which one would it be? Talia wrote Pizza Express, whereas JJ wrote Nandos. And this round of girlfriend vs. best friend was one by JJ. 

There were a couple of more fun questions and hilarious answers and arguments before we got to the end of the segment. Clearly, JJ won the girlfriend vs. best friend challenge, and Talia was not happy about it all. 

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