Monsoon Essentials to Stay Stylish Yet Protected

India is enriched with diverse climatic conditions, where every climate has its specific time, duration and importance. One of the best season which is loved by the people in India is monsoon, which comes after the hot and scorching summer season and providing relief to all. However, when you come to think of what can happen as a result of getting drenched, it doesn’t present a pretty sight. There are many aspects like traffic jams, waterlogged roads,  dresses, etc you start thinking before or during monsoon. If you are much conscious about your fashion and look for dresses that can make you look stylish, the rainy season can be one of the trickiest time in a year.

So, is there a way for men to look dapper when it pours in the rainy season? Just like every problem, there is a solution, this one has a solution as well. All you need to do is include a different kind of dresses on the checklist for the monsoon to flaunt your style in this season. Here are some stylish outfits that you need to include in your wardrobe to accomplish the task.

Waterproof outerwear

Most people think it is beyond the realms of possibility to look stylish in the rainy season as it presents one of the most challenging prospects: the prospect of getting drenched. It is needless to say that no one wants to get wet in one’s stylish clothes.

Therefore, it is important that you wear something which does not lose its effect even as you get drenched in rainwater. If this is what you are looking for, then you need to choose waterproof outerwear wisely. When you add these two aspects together, it adds up to a man’s delight in the monsoons.

Water-resistant coats can do the job of resisting anything – from a light drizzle to a heavy downpour. Needless to say, it also looks chic and stylish as well.

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Footwear with a rubber sole

More than dresses, there is a greater likelihood that your shoes would be exposed to water. Leather shoes are a strict no-no for the rainy season. Leather shoes are stylish and long lasting but only as long as they do not come in contact with water directly. Constant exposure to water can damage leather shoes beyond repair. This is one of the reasons why most people avoid wearing leather shoes.

However, there are some reliable options and alternatives to leather for the rainy season. You can choose to opt for one of those options instead. Rubber provides a viable alternative to leather shoes for rainy days. Unlike leather, rubber has the tendency to resist water and hence it does not carry the risk factor of getting damaged as a result of coming in contact with water.

While it is strongly recommended to go with a shoe which is entirely made of rubber, the ones with rubber soles are also equally effective. Apart from safety, shoes with rubber soles are also known to offer stability.  However, you need to dry rubber shoes when they get wet. Think about drying them in the sun instead of drying them artificially.

Water-repellent jeans

Jeans are all the rage these days, especially among men. Jeans, in combination with a T-shirt, can make make a powerful and macho style statement. Apart from summer, nine out of ten men would say yes to jeans in any other season. What about rainy season, though? Can one be equally confident about wearing jeans during rainy days?

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From the outset, it may look like an absolute impossibility. People in places wherein it rains all the time are more likely to subscribe to this thought. However, it is possible to not just wear jeans but also step outdoors in confidence. The same might not have been possible in the past, but things have changed in this connection with the introduction to water-resistant jeans.

When there is a downpour, these jeans can bail you out of trouble as your savior. What makes this possible? In normal jeans, there is no protection on the outer side due to which water gets soaked in. However, in the case of water-resistant jeans, it is the opposite. Because water does not get to penetrate through the outer surface with ease, your legs are likely to stay dry and protected.

If you are one of those people who remains apprehensive about carrying valuables, wallet, and mobile phone, you can put it to rest with this version of jeans on the rainy days.

Protecting yourself and your clothes from getting wet in the rainy season can be a real challenge. That said, there are also ways to be equal to it and take the challenge head-on. With the aforementioned stuff,  you can easily romp through a rainy season without compromising with your style or comfort factor. For further protection for showers, you can also consider carrying an umbrella.

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