Morbius, The Living Vampire- A Fresh Piece of Attention For DC Lovers


DC marvels are one of the biggest crazes and buzzes in today’s time that is taking the world by storm. There have been many surprises that the world of DC has thrown at us to date. From the characters, the movies, the visuals, the perfect quantities of entertainment, everything about them have landed as a success when it comes to the box office. One of the recent take-away that has been much talked about is the Mobius, The living vampire. 

Starring Jared Leto in this movie has made a remarkable impression with his outstanding performance. The former star of the Suicide quad has been successful in acting in Marvel’s one of the most conflating and compelling characters that have made its way in the silver screens. The character displays a damaged character with a dangerous blood disease who treasures goodwill to save the lives of the patients who are suffering the same disease as him. There comes a huge twist in the plot that includes what has been considered to succeed initially soon discloses itself to be a solution that is eventually worse than that of the disease.

What the real trailer has to say – Take a look!


The Sony Morbius has reflected a comparatively darker character rooting from horrors. The characters are heavily based on the same, making sure that the audience shall know that he is a person who shall eventually turn up to be a vampire. The character attempts to find a cure for the disease has been suffering from. The trailer shows certain glimpses of Morbius suffering for the disease and his transformation. The stage here is about to become a monster that is shown quite in an interesting way that resembles the origins of the Spiderman villain. 

In addition to that, the trailer has indeed been quite intensely compared to the Spiderman Comic book but then again, it is not even close to the Marvel studio cinemas, which includes Spider-Man, Far From Home, Homecoming and much more. The Morbius can be considered as a completely different hybrid and rather innovation in the Marvel movies.  

A brief about the character analysis of Morbius in the trailer

The character Morbius itself is one of those dark, depressing characters that face immense hardships and almost no one is aware of his secret sorrows. The 1971 craze, when angst was perceived, has returned once more with a bang.  Jarred Lato has already been a known face in marvels and one of his best performances was in Suicide Squad as already mentioned before. The most interesting thing about the character‘s look was that nobody could figure out what it was actually Jared Leto.

His costume and makeup held a shabby, dark, gory look as we could see in the trailer teaser of Morbius. Even though it has come to prominence that the Sony pictures have made a deal with Marvel studio that has helped spider-Man to make its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is surprising how the Sony pictures are proceeding with its own trail and trend of superhero Marvell movies. While there are innumerable Marvel movies being created, the Sony pictures are more focusing on creating movies solely based on the interesting and highly influential Marvel characters. Sonly is also focusing on upholding the female characters of marvels in their later innovations. (

The significance of the character Morbius can already be judged as it has now received its very own movie. Michael Morbius is a biochemist who desperately wants to cur his own blood disease; however, the cure becomes dangerous enough to turn him into a vampire. The Leto fans are highly excited about the fact that the role is being played by him. The teaser gave a glimpse of Morbius but hardly anybody can guess at one go that it is Jared Leto. Now, the rising Marvel Star is already on his way to his next Marvel and comic book movie and the buzz is already all over social media.  

The teaser gives a good idea of the high-end VFX used in Morbius

It is evident that some of the most popular VFX studios have worked in the making of Morbius. Its VFX usage was one of the most interesting aspects that have once again hyped the Marvel fans. To name some of the studios that have participated in it includes the Lola Visual effects, One of Us, Storm Studios, Digital Domain and many more. They have used some of the most amazing visual FX techniques and technologies that have added an additional layer to the film, overall.

Matte painting, bullet time, advanced digital compositing, motion control photography are some of the top special effects used in Morbius. However, it is not about what effects have been used but how they have been used. The monstrous character definitely got its make upright with the right touch-ups and props; however, there was still an authentic touch left.

The real craze off marvels comes from the comics that we all have been so attached and entailed with right from the school days. Hence, Sony pictures, unlike other producers of marvel movies, have worked on a delicate and fine point to keep the authenticity alive. There are certain parts that tell that one can find similarity in the movie with comic movies.

The most significant essence of the trailer


However, apart from all that that has discussed above, one of the key aspects that have snatched the attention of the audience is that it has a link not only with the Sony Picture spider verse but as well as the Winder marvel universe that has only been visited Peter Parker’s Tom Holland. The teaser can be considered as a well-versed detailed translation of the comic origin that also provides certain glimpses of Leto’s former characters. It is much more interesting when audiences and especially Leto fans can relate or connect with his past characters and see reflections of the dark, gloomy yet attractive characters that he has always played, whether it was a sociopath, murderer, or a villain.

Other than that, the trailer already gives hints of interesting twists in the movie but you will get the true flavors of it when you completely explore Morbius, the Living vampire!

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