Nathan Baggaley, Olympian Kayaker, Found With $152 Million of Cocaine

Nathan Baggaley, Former Olympian kayaker, found with cocaine worth $152 million

Nathan Baggaley, a kayaker from Australia, is on trial with his brother for carrying cocaine worth $152 million to the country.

They will face their verdict in court next month. His brother Dru Baggaley and Nathan both pleaded innocence.

The former Olympian Nathan’s brother Dru Baggaley had involvement in the police chase in 2018. Navy force as well as air force charged him and got them arrested then.

The boat which Dru used in that sea chase was Nathan’s.

Nathan’s brother carried drugs with the help of another man called Anthony Draper

Another man named Anthony Draper was also with Dru during that incident in 2018 June. They both traveled 11 hours with a ship that carried the drugs.

The Navy’s monitoring planes followed Dru’s ship. A video clip showed Dru was throwing cocaine packages overboard, and Draper was trying to escape from the boat.

The vessels of Queensland police caught them from the coast. Armed police arrested them.

Draper threatened Dru

Dru Baggaley claimed that Draper kidnapped him and took him to the sea with the ship. He also said that he misunderstood the contents of the packages as he thought it was tobacco only. As reported by him, Draper threatened Dru’s family if he refused to cooperate.

Here Draper said that Dru recruited him to ride the boat. He accused Dru of allegations that Dru told him those packages contain smoko, and Draper thought it was marijuana.

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Court has to hold Draper being guilty of carrying cocaine. Although the court has reduced his sentence as Draper testified against Dru and Nathan.

Prosecutors accuse Nathan Baggaley 

Prosecutors accused Nathan that he had involvement in the plan and the boat was his. He has used a satellite phone that he fitted into the ship and installed the navigation system.

Nathan won two silvers at the Olympics, Athens. He said that his brother had provided the money to him to purchase the boat. Dru had told him that he would use the ship for his business of whale watching.

Police had found Nathan’s fingerprints on the tape, which has the registration number concealed on it. However, there was another instance when the Baggaley brothers had involvement in drug abuse. They used to deal with a group that manufactured hallucinogenic tablets. Court has convicted them of several drug accusations in 2009.

ABC News reported that Dru and Nathan Baggaley might face life imprisonment.

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