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Video Conferencing Tips

Statistics show that since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, interest in video communications technology around the world has grown significantly. Vendors keep abreast and offer more favorable conditions for new subscribers, while the value of their shares is growing (the most striking example is Zoom systems, whose securities have become 15% more expensive). To read more best tech news, go to the 4Promedia website. Video Conferencing Tips-

The advantages of remote communication smart services are obvious: the threat of contracting a dangerous disease is reduced to zero, and the productivity of communication does not suffer at all, and sometimes vice versa – it becomes higher. People conduct online control meetings with Bluetooth, products presentations, interviews, meetings with clients and partners with the help of hub automation gadgets such as Alexa Home device.

Among the main advantages of house distance meetings, in addition to safety for health, are time and money-saving, as well as convenient quick functions for communication and work controller.

The List of Tips on Effective Video Communication

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Responsibly Approach the Choice of Camera and Headset

No matter how you like your AirPods, you will have to refuse them during video conferencing. A wearable headsets system with wireless connections or a 3.5 mm nest will not provide the necessary quality of communication during a business conversation. In such devices, the quality of sound capture is focused on domestic purposes, and microphones are declared only “for the show” function. If you want to focus on work issues, rather than listening to every word of the interlocutor or repeating inaudibly transmitted remarks several times, use wired USB peripherals.

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Often, it supports the noise reduction function, which is simply necessary when working in an urban environment, where the buzz of traffic and repair work can greatly degrade the quality of the conversation, as well as in open-space offices or coworking. And if you are worried about the availability of such equipment, then we hasten to reassure you: the prices for a good headset have not been biting for a long time, and it is sold in any electronic store.

Put the Computer on Alert

The quality of video communication depends not only on the speed of your Internet connection or high-quality camera but also on the performance of your computer. To avoid audio interruptions or picture degradation, close applications that use a lot of RAM before the conference.

Difficulties may also arise due to open applications on the computer that have access to your camera. If you are not visible during a video conference, but you know for sure that the equipment is connected and working correctly, check which other programs are running – perhaps the camera uses other software for video communication, an application for recording videos or creating pictures. And even better – turn off such programs before the conference, so as not to waste time searching and fixing the problem during a conversation.

In addition, you should worry about the quality and security of your Internet connection. We recommend a wired network connection, and in cases where it is impossible to use it (for example, when working in coworking), a wifi connection that requires a password and ensures good connection quality.

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Use Collaboration Tools – Video Conferencing Tips

“Better to see once” is a rule that effectively applies to working video conferencing. After all, it is much more convenient to show a graph of sales growth or a finished page layout than trying to describe them. Modern videoconferencing solutions for these purposes are complemented by convenient collaboration tools – demonstrating a computer screen or showing presentations, recording video conferencing, the ability to communicate in chat rooms and other functions. To know about the tools you can use, go to the 4Promedia site.

And most importantly – choose software designed for corporate communication, and not for calls to family and friends. We wish you a successful videoconference!

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