PDF Squeezer: What Is It and How to Use It

PDF Squeezer

Do you run a business that involves heavy documentation? Do you work in an industry where you encounter all sorts of files? Then you are likely no stranger to the PDF file.

In 2018 alone, people opened over 250 billion PDF files.

Businesses and private individuals rely on the PDF format for sharing important documents. This is because of the PDF’s safety and reliability. These are crucial elements, especially for small businesses that are favorite targets of hackers.

But more than the security, PDFs also offer flexibility. But what if your files are too big? This is where the PDF squeezer enters the picture.

The PDF squeezer is an app that helps you deal with file size constraints you may encounter with PDF files. Though its purpose may sound simple, there are steps that you need to learn to perform the PDF squeezing efficiently.

Continue reading below as we give you a lowdown on PDF squeezers.

What is PDF Squeezer?

In its broadest definition, a PDF squeezer can be any of the third-party squeezers. Though these squeezers may vary in terms of features, they all have the same primary purpose: compress your PDF files for faster sharing visit here sodapdf.com/jpg-to-pdf/.

But in a stricter definition, PDF Squeezer is an app by Witt Software. PDF files come in different sizes. Sometimes, the file is too large, which causes problems in sending them via email or other options.

By compressing the PDFs, you can make the file size smaller. In turn, you can send them much faster. The PDF Squeezer can remove any unnecessary elements of the file.

The PDF Squeezer 4, which is the app’s latest version, comes with a redesigned look. The new look offers GUI enhancements. This allows you to see every detail faster while enjoying better functionality.

Moreover, it offers better workflow features. One of its key features includes Quick Action when accessing the Touch Bar and the Finder. There is also the Command Line Tool and the Folder Action.


As we mentioned earlier, there are also third-party apps that you can use. If you are a Mac user, one of the best options is PDFelement. It comes with many features than increase your efficiency.

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For starters, it comes with full-editing capabilities applicable to PDF files. It also comes with different tools that allow you to convert files into PDF format.

It also features watermarking options, redaction tools, and enterprise-grade encryption. Best of all, you can enable its squeezing capabilities in just one click.

Nitro Pro

If you want a PDF squeezer that is full of power, then the Nitro Pro is what you want. It comes with all the basic and advanced features that will likely cover all your file compressing requirements.

And because of this, Nitro Pro is a favorite among large companies and organizations.

Behind its high-quality and striking interface lie its powerful features. Use the Nitro to edit, convert, share, or annotate your PDF files. Furthermore, you can use its eSigning feature to sign documents.

And when it comes to quality, you can expect its PDF conversions to showcase top-notch accuracy and clarity.

PDF Reducer

If you want something that specializes in removing unwanted elements and cutting image resolutions, this is the app for you. It is the PDF Reducer’s “re-compression” feature that enables it to perform such functions.

It is also this feature that allows it to reduce images up to as much as 80% more compared to what other PDF squeezers can do. However, you need to buy its Cloud edition to enjoy more features.

Sejda PDF Editor

There are also PDF squeezers that you can use online like Sejda PDF Editor. This option features a good mix of basic and advanced PDF compressing capabilities. These include merging, splitting, editing, and signing of PDF files.

It also comes with grayscaling, file repair, and OCR tools. And as a bonus, the Sedjda PDF Editor comes with free usage of up to 200 pages. And though it may not be free, its $5.25 monthly rate is not that bad of a deal.


ILovePDF is another online-based option that is an easy favorite. It focuses more on page management, as well as file conversions. Nevertheless, it comes with a few helpful tools like pagination and security features.

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ILovePDF is simple and straightforward. If you’re looking for fast conversions, it can easily give you that.

The Adobe Way

Though you can download PDF squeezer apps anytime, it is still important to know how to condense your files the conventional way. And this is through the Adobe way. This option is a no-brainer since Adobe created the PDF format.

If you wish to compress your PDF files on Mac or Windows PC, you will have to go through a few steps. First, launch your Adobe Acrobat DC and open the “Optimize PDF” tool. You can find this tool by opening the Tools center.

Go to the top-left portion of the screen and hit the “Tools” tab. From there, scroll down and look for the “Optimize PDF” tool. Open the drop-down menu and hit “Open” to launch the tool.

Next, choose the PDF file that you wish to compress. Select the file from the “Open” dialog box. Hit “Open” after choosing a file.

At the top menu, choose “Reduce File Size.” This will also open a dialog box. From there, select file version compatibility from the options of the drop-down menu.

Now, you can rename your file. To do this, go to the “Save As” dialog box and keep the same file name of the PDF. You want to overwrite the old PDF with the compressed version.

Alternatively, you may pick a new location or new name for the new file. Complete the process by hitting “Save.”

Learn More About File Management

By learning how to use a PDF squeezer, you can compress your PDF files and send them clearly and seamlessly to your contacts. It will also save you time and keep you from all the hassle in editing PDF files.

But knowing how to squeeze PDF files is only one of the many tricks you can learn. Expand your knowledge on file management by reading our other articles. We discuss topics that will help you organize, edit, and share different kinds of files.

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