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The Playershive: The Global Gaming Hub is a major hub in the world of Alabaster, used by all nations and, in some cases, small towns and villages. It has a multitude of shops, classes and other things that help gamers progress on their adventure or want to join the world of gaming.

The main feature of Playershive is its Connections system (hereby abbreviated as CxS). This allows players to immediately change to another area of the shopping district without physically walking there (called “shifting” in-game). There are ten main connections that lead to other important locations and three smaller ones. Each one is guarded by a Proprietor that gives the player quests, but only if they are at least Level 5 (out of 100). Once all ten main connections are unlocked, the Proprietor of Connections 9 will give you access to the Arena.

Some features of Playershive:-

The other major features of Playershive are its shops. There are a variety of unique shops selling a variety of unique items, weapons and armors. Most shops have a fixed price for their wares, but some will change depending on the player’s level.

There is also an Arena that can be accessed once all ten main connections are open, as well as the Proprietor at Connection 9 The Arena allows you to fight in a twelve-person tournament against other players, which gives rewards depending on the place (1st, 2nd and 3rd; or 4th – 12th)

This is how you get into the Arena. You must be at least level 5. Then go to Connection 9 and look at the sign with the twelve on it. There will be another sign next to it that says “Arena.” Click shift, and you will go into the Arena.

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Because there is no official currency in Alabaster, Playershive uses a system of coins and tokens instead. You can purchase coins or tokens with real-life money using the Shop section, or you can sell items or weapons for tokens (or coins, if they have a “sell” button) using the Trade section.

Coins are used to buy various items from the main shops, as well as buying some of the unique items from other players in the Trade section. Tokens, on the other hand, are only used to purchase unique items from other players in the Trade section.

There is also a minor feature called Guilds. It allows you to create or join guilds and help each other with quests to gain levels faster. However, this feature is not in the game yet because the developers are trying to fix some bugs related to it.

The Playershive has many varieties of NPCs, all with unique personalities. Most of them are friendly and help you progress through the game. The main NPC is the Proprietor at each connection, who gives quests to connect other places, as well as sells certain items (depending on your level)

The following is a list with all connections of Playershive:

  • 1 – Spawn Point/Connection @ Alabaster Department Store
  • 2 – Connection @ Alabaster Department Store
  • 3 – Connection @ Silvermoon Circle Shopping District
  • 4 – Connection @ Silvermoon Arcadia Park and Astral College Entrance
  • 5 – Connection @ Lunar Highroad and The Starry Sky Strip Club Entrance (The strip club is open for all ages 16+)
  • 6 – Connection @ Yggdrasil Station and University of the Stars
  • 7 – Connection @ Yggdrasil Station and Astral College Lawn
  • 8 – Connection @ Star Grove Park, Cerebral Bore Tavern Entrance and The Radiant Village Arcade
  • 9 – Connection @ Wishing Well Park and Astral Community Center Main Hallway
  • 10 – Connection @ Wishing Well Park and Astral Community Center Garden Path
  • 11 – Connection @ Wishing Well Park and Astral Library Wing South, Room 7 (Computer lab)
  • 12 – Connection @ Wishing Well Park and Astral Library Wing North, Room 8 (Computer lab)
  • 13 – Connection @ Graveyard of the Fallen Heroes and The Clandestine Meeting Spot (The black market is only active at night; staff hunt is allowed here)
  • 14 – Connection @ Graveyard of the Fallen Heroes and Abandoned Warehouse (Staff Hunt area)
  • 15 – Connection @ Astral Community Center Garden Path and Astral College Grounds Entrance
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Playershive also offers several different quests for players to level up and gain Experience Points. This XP can be donated at a statue in the Astral College Lawn, which will turn it into Favor points that can then be spent on several different items. The Astral Curatorium has a great variety of classes for players to join, from being a simple soldier for hire to learning magic as an arcane apprentice.

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