Reasons To Go Ahead and Buy That Minivan

Reasons To Go Ahead and Buy That Minivan

There is a bit of a stigma around the stereotype of the soccer mom with the minivan, but the truth is that choosing a minivan is often a very practical vehicle choice, particularly for families with children. Here are a few good reasons to go ahead and buy that minivan.

Loads of Seating

First and foremost, there’s no getting around the fact that minivans can hold more people than any typical sedan as well as many SUVs. Typically, a minivan will have seatbelts for eight people total, and for the majority of families, this is plenty of seating. Even if you don’t need that much seating, this leaves you plenty of room for carpools. Chevrolet has had several different minivans on the market over the last few decades, so if you’re looking for a new Chevrolet for sale, look no further than your local car dealership.

Automatic Sliding Doors

The automatic door feature is likely something that you don’t think you need, but the truth is that once you have experienced the convenience of this feature, you may have a hard time without it. First, sliding doors mean that your vehicle is less likely to get the small scratches and dings that sometimes occur when parked close to other cars in the parking lot. Automatic doors come in handy when you have your arms full of groceries, children, or anything else.

Space For Cargo

As children get older, they have more activities. You buy more groceries, as growing kids need plenty of food. Therefore, you end up needing more cargo space in your vehicle. Minivans offer plenty of space for everything that you need to take with you. Most modern vans have room for back seats to be stowed or removed from the vehicle entirely. This makes transporting large items like furniture much easier.

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Gas Mileage

Typically, minivans get better gas mileage than sport utility vehicles, especially the larger models that have third-row seating. All of that extra room equals decreased gas mileage in SUVs. Minivans, on the other hand, have different engines than many SUVs, making it possible for them to burn gas more efficiently. There are standard minivans that get 20 to 25 miles per gallon, and there are now several hybrid minivan models that get upwards of 35 miles per gallon. For an automobile that serves so many wonderful purposes for the modern family with children, this gas mileage is a huge, money-saving perk.

Good Value

Minivans are cheaper than their SUV equivalents, yet in many cases, they offer better perks and are more practical to drive than SUVs. A standard three-row SUV is likely to cost over $5,000 more than a minivan with the same number of seats. Again, families with children may find this to be reason enough to take the minivan plunge.

The practicality, benefits, and cost involved in purchasing a minivan far outweigh those of a large SUV. It is well worth your time to think seriously about making a more economical choice by choosing to buy that minivan.

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