Recent ‘Nikkie Tutorials’ Leak Reveals Her Being a Transgender: Know More

Nikkie Tutorials

It takes courage to disclose the real you in the public, especially for celebrities who are doing their popular rounds in the social networking sites and at fans’ hearts. The recent leak that has surfaced on the Internet reveals about Nikkie De Jager and her being a transgender. The popular Dutch makeup artist who has been mesmerizing makeup enthusiasts over the Internet has now declared that she’s a transgender. The video came via Nikkie Tutorials, the popular YouTube channel where Nikkie the fan-favorite makeup artists share makeup ideas and tips every now and then.

At first, it was a bit surprising for her fans to know that she’s a transgender. But things become more straightforward by the end of the video. The popular makeup artist presents this emotional video with her bittersweet twist. She has stated the fact that her intentions of coming out as the real-self had always been her main motto. Apparently things were not in her favor so far, and that’s why it took her so long to come up as a real self in front of her fans.

What did the video confirm?

Nikkie Tutorials

This Monday, the video surfaced on YouTube, entitled – ‘I’m coming out’!

In the Nikkie Tutorials video, she has explained how someone blackmailed her by forcing on her decision. Comprising 17 minutes of time, the entire video portrays her thoughts which she wanted to share with her fan for so long. She decided to share her story in her own way because she always wanted to do it. She has also stated that her opportunity of describing things on her own was earlier taken away but then she forced herself to reclaim her power, her freedom of being who she is.

In Nikkie Tutorials’ video, she also elucidated on how unbelievable it felt to her when she started describing her in this video for her fans to know who she really is. However, it has made her feel really good about the fact that she finally has succeeded in portraying her real-self in this video.

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She continues her speech in Nikkie Tutorials video by saying that when she was young, she found herself in a wrong body. And this made her disclose her real self, by saying that she is a ‘transgender now’.

While she was born made, she always used to identify herself as a woman (maybe with the right graces fit for becoming a popular makeup artist one day). She has stated her parents’ contribution too, how they supported her ever since 6 years of age. By the age of six, she soon started growing her long hair. And after her seventh birthday, things became all the more amazing for her because she started wearing women’s clothing soon after.

By the age of 14, she started taking hormones in order to become a complete woman. She opted for the full transition when she was nineteen years of age.

Soon after she completed the aforementioned sentence in Nikkie Tutorials video, she started expressing her excitement to share this with her fans. She explained how for the eleven whole years she wanted to say these to her fans, how these incidents were just with her for so long, and how she wanted to make her fans know her journey all throughout. And then, she could not believe the fact that after that day, her fans, the entire world, would know about her.

The best part of this Nikkie Tutorials video was when she stated a fact. She wanted to make her fans know that she is still ‘me’. And nothing in the world would change it. At the same time, she also addressed the ones who had earlier threatened her. She showed her middle-finger to them by saying that the gesture is for them.

What’s more inspiring about the Nikkie Tutorials video is her hope to change the world, and inspire others alike to her. There are times when people feel they are trapped. Nikkie has something to tell them too. She has stated that if such situations arise when you don’t find a possible way out; believe that it is going to get better (maybe because dawn arrives after nighttime)! She assured that the situation would get better.

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What happened after the Nikkie Tutorials video launched?

Nikkie Tutorials

This video is already met with a great supportive response from Nikkie’s fans. Not just that, it also got positive acclaim in prominent newspapers and websites. It also inspired the members of the LGBT community. Sources claimed that other YouTube sensations have already loved the video and the approach that this incredible woman has shown the world. According to other news, she is reportedly called an inspiration to hundreds of people. By doing so, she will now be able to live the truth more comfortably and feel freer. She has even supported the beauty community as well.

A Little about Nikkie

Nikkie started uploading her YouTube video ever since 2008, and it didn’t take her too long to become a YouTube sensation. Fall 2013 witnessed her being a leading makeup artist for the RTL5 show.  In 2017, she uploaded a YouTube video that reviewed the foundation by a cosmetics brand. There, she spoke about the company and used her image with an inclusion of a screenshot from a video. She attempted selling their products in that way on the social media platforms sans permissions. While the reviews were favorable, she expressed her disappointments in the action that the company took, because, she did not wear the products that were aimed at promoting the video. Soon after that, in the year 2019, she was announced to serve as an Adviser for famous Jacobs Beauty.

Now, she is a popular YouTuber, a beauty sensation, and most importantly, a real ‘me’ (the one that she described in her recently-launched Nikkie Tutorials video). Good luck to this successful 25-years YouTube beauty blogger. Here’s wishing her all good luck for the bright future that she’s going to have. To check the video, you can visit her official YouTube channel accordingly.

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