Renew Your Fitness: How to Kick Start Your Own Home Gym

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Physical fitness activities done in the gyms are crucial to our overall well-being. It promotes longevity by preventing dreadful diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. It also prevents us from acquiring depression. However, during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, health experts suggested the temporary closure of gyms for safety purposes. Fitness enthusiasts are devastated by this decision, but they can do nothing except to abide because it was an important health protocol to follow. 

Although most gyms gradually reopened despite the increasing number of COVID-19 cases worldwide, they remain a high-risk place akin to bars and enclosed restaurants because they are enclosed spaces where members breathe heavily during workouts, making virus transmission faster than normal. While we realise how crucial exercise is as an important human activity now that our lifestyle is more sedentary than the usual due to the pandemic, we try to find ways to stay fit without risking ourselves and our loved ones. We are battling with an invisible enemy, making it so important to be smart in our decisions. And because of this, putting up a simple home gym is a great alternative. Here are a few home gym essentials to kick start a modest gym at the comfort of our home without stressing your pockets.

  • Exercise Mats

Although exercise mats may not be totally necessary, especially if you have carpeted floors or hardwoods as flooring, they can be a great help if you are working out from home. Exercise mats provide safety and support by preventing slips resulting in better traction. It also adds an extra layer between the floor and your body for added comfort. 

  • Swiss Ball
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Whether you are into a cardio workout, aiming for a better spine and back performance, building muscles, improving endurance, flexibility, or balance, or strengthening your core, a swiss ball is a dynamic tool you must include in your initial collection of home gym equipment. It is a piece of equipment that is very versatile, as you may have it proven in your outdoor gym workout, yet not too costly. 

  • Workout Bench

To create that real-gym vibe and promote authenticity, consider adding a multi-purpose workout gym bench in your home facility. Although there are quite a few alternatives you can find at home, surely a sturdy coffee table will not be fit for a gym. Moreover, it is the safest equipment to do your regular squats and single-leg movements at home. 

  • Rowing Machine

Because of its ability to provide a general body workout that burns thousands of calories without distressing your joints, it is surely a piece of equipment you keep coming back for in your favourite gym, so why not bring it inside your home? It is a good investment, especially if you look for a sturdy one with a comfortable handle and good grip with simple assembly instructions.

  • Dumbbells

Dumbbells are cost-effective, versatile gym equipment you should not miss when starting up your home gym. Surely, it is an easy pick for your general strength training routines, whether full-body training or selective core exercises and resistance-training. (  

  • Woodway Treadmill

Need I say more on why the treadmill is a must-have? Not only that, but outdoor activity is also discouraged during a pandemic, surely you do not want your running schedule ruined by bad weather, so keeping a treadmill at home keeps you at par with your running schedule, whether it’s rain or shine. 

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No matter your plans and how soon you want to start your gym at home, our safety and our family’s safety remains our top priority, especially in these very trying times.  

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