Roberta Battaglia: The Girl Who Stunned Everyone At America’s Got Talent

Roberta Battaglia

In the last week of America’s Got Talent (AGT), a 10-year-old Canadian girl was introduced. She was shown sitting with her mom before she made her entry on the stage. She told her name, Roberta Battaglia, to the judges. After that, she confessed her love for Sofia Vergara, the Modern Family actress who is one of the judges on AGT. When Roberta was asked to sing, she started getting nervous. To that, the judges said that it was okay to be nervous for a kid of her age. Then the host of the show bought her some water, after which, she started singing. Her voice was seen to be way beyond her age. So she managed to stun all the judges plus the audience of the show with her voice. 

After she completed her song “Shallow” by Lady Gaga, everyone stood up from their places and started clapping for her. To this honor, Roberta Battaglia started crying. The judges adored her amazing talent at such a young age. They even asked her jokingly if someone was singing behind her. Following her chat with the judges, she received the golden buzzer from Sofia Vergara. To that, she broke into tears and said that all her dreams are coming true now. 

Everything About Roberta Battaglia

Roberta Battaglia made everyone her fan in just one performance. But there are several things about her that her fans might not know. Here is the list of “10 Facts About Roberta Battaglia,” with which people can know more about their new favorite singer. 

#1 She Got Her Talent From Her Father

Roberta Battaglia

On the show, Roberta Battaglia was asked if she inherited her singing talent from her mother, who was with Roberta at that time. She denied that instantly and said that it is her father from whom she got a great voice. Her father and even her grandfather are singers. So that means the talent runs in the girl’s blood.  

#2 She Has Faced Bullying

After her performance on the show, one of the judges asked Roberta Battaglia that she must have great friends. The girl agreed to that, but she also mentioned that she often gets bullied. The judge then gave her a piece of advice stating that the only way of winning over bullies is by becoming happy and successful in life. 

#3 Her Parents Are Italian

Roberta Battaglia and her family now live in Canada, but her parents are originally Italian. Her parents moved to Canada in the year 2008 and got married the very next year. In the same year of their marriage, her mother gave birth to Roberta on the 22nd of August. Her grandfather, who is also a singer, still lives in Italy.

#4 She Has A History Of Singing

Roberta Battaglia

Roberta Battaglia’s father is a singer, and he performs at various places. That gave the girl an opportunity to show her talent to different sets of audiences. She started singing with her father from a really young age of two. Since then, she has performed at several weddings, galas, and concerts. 

#5 She Loves R&B And Jazz

Roberta prefers the R&B and Jazz genres over any other. She usually gives her Jazz music a twist of R&B, which makes her different from any other performer. Her favorite singers include Etta James and Aretha Franklin.

#6 She Has Performed On TV Before

It was just the last year when Roberta Battaglia made her first appearance on TV. It was on a Canadian television show named “Breakfast Television.” During her appearance, she mentioned that it was her favorite show, and it was like a dream come true for her to be on it. She performed her cover of “Shallow” in that show, which later went viral. Everyone loved her cover of the song. Also, one person commented on her video that she should try her luck at AGT.  

#7 Her Dreams Of Singing With PINK

Who does not dream of performing with their favorite band or artist? Especially when they have talent like Roberta. In one of her recent interviews, Roberta mentioned that she is absolutely obsessed with PINK. She collects all her CDs, listens to her all the time on TV, attends all her concerts, and do whatever a big fan will do for their favorite singer. She said it is her biggest dream to sing with PINK. 

#8 She Is Professionally Trained

Roberta Battaglia

Despite being so talented naturally, Roberta Battaglia did not rely on her luck with music. To ensure she is nothing but the best, she takes her professional training from an institute named “Arcadia Academy Of Music.” Her parents regularly upload her singing videos to Instagram, showing her talent to the whole world. 

#9 She Believes In Charity

Charity fundraising is not a one-time thing that Roberta Battaglia has done. She regularly makes bracelets including Best Friend Bracelets and sells them to raise money for a foundation named “Sick Kids.” She believes in encouraging kids of her age to dream big and achieve those dreams. And to support them, she does this charity fundraising. 

#10 She Has Performed In Other Talent Shows

Though none of them were as significant as AGT, they still have given Roberta an excellent platform. Not only has she performed in talent shows, but she has also won some of those shows. Additionally, she has provided her beautiful voice in several commercials. 


Coming from a musical background, Roberta Battaglia holds a fantastic voice for her age. She already sings like a professional singer, which is the reason why she managed to stun all the judges on America’s Got Talent. Roberta has big musical dreams that she wants to achieve with her hard work and talent. She started planning and working on her dreams from a young age of two, and her dedication can be seen in her voice. Being the first golden buzzer of Sofia Vergara, nobody can doubt that Roberta will achieve big in her life. And for that, she has taken the right path with AGT. What her fate brings for her in the future, will be soon seen in the upcoming episodes of AGT. 

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