Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star is up with a Conspiracy Collection Reveal: Here’s What to Expect

If anything based on makeup products can bring a smile on your face, here’s presenting the Conspiracy Collection Reveal! The reveal speaks of how this much-awaited and much-anticipated makeup collection by Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson gets official on last Friday!

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Collection is finally here, after a whole year of anticipation! The collection has hit the online stores, on Friday at around 10 a.m.! What has made the makeup products get sold at Morphe within 40 minutes is surely a thing to wonder.

What’s more, Star’s website for cosmetics crashed already, even before it went live, thereby leading to numerous apologies from Star as well as Dawson. Upon returning, the site was backed up with a hundred of products within an hour.

For JSC or Jeffree Star Cosmetics, this makeup range serves as a holiday outing, in the influencer-dominated cosmetics market. The makeup collection has been inspired by the conspiracy theories that Dawson loves. Much to the knowledge of fans, it has also been covered on Dawson’s channel for so many years.

The Conspiracy Collection Reveal also got disclosed a bit in The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star’s sixth episode. This episode has already amassed a total of 7.5 million views ever since it is posted. Currently, it stands tall as the number one video at the trending tab of YouTube.

Ever since a year, the makeup guru, Star has continued teasing the makeup collaboration with Dawson! But now that the Conspiracy Collection Reveal is officially unveiled, fans are all the more excited! ( As a makeup enthusiast, knowing what this collection includes is surely a thing for you.

So, what does this collection offer?

This flagship collection comes with a total of 18 shades worth $52. It doesn’t include any cohesive color story. But, it boasts of numerous cleverly picked-up names that are inspired by Dawson’s personality quirks and predictions such as a pale brown Root Beer, Ranch (matte white), as well as Cheese Dust (bright orange). The last one definitely might have been inspired by the love of Cheetos that Dawson has which is why he has given the same name to his cat (?)!

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Another amazing Mini Palette comprises nine shades is worth purchasing (priced at $28). Both the items have black packaging! The former features a black-on-black packaging. It has a spiraling design philosophy and embeds the ‘Conspiracy’ word in white color. As the sources suggest, it has been designed by the editor Siwicki and Dawson on laptops after a strenuous meeting for designing. If you think this is what the collection offers, you are apparently wrong! Lipstick lovers, here it goes!

As far as Conspiracy Collection Reveal is concerned, there are a total of six lipsticks (liquid) available individually at $18. On the other hand, if you wish to purchase the bundled version in a pig-shaped case, you will have to pay a total of $90! With that, you can also get a clear gloss which is referred to as Shane Glossin’ alongside a lip balm by Shane. These are available at $18!

To speak about the palettes, both are available at a price of $72. For the diehard fans of this collection, you can buy all the items at $210. What’s exciting, if you choose to buy all the items, you would get a black makeup bag advisable for traveling.

Speaking of bags, the collection also boasts of a wide range of cosmetic bags that are available in pink and black. Interested customers can buy them worth $40 and $30. An additional product that you would get with the bag is a pig-shaped small make-up mirror! The last one is the Conspiracy-themed Star & Dawson’s tracksuit with a logo embedded in it. It is worth a total of $55 for track jackets and $45 for the joggers.

Although Dawson’s reticence about the products was a mystery for fans, it clearly indicated that the collection will get unanimous praise. But with the launch, fans got familiar with the behind-scenes players who already have become the beloved characters in the docuseries of Dawson.

While Conspiracy Collection Reveal is the new collection, fans already know the potentials of the beauty Guru, Jeffree Star! His makeup skills are half the contributions that the recently launched collection is developed with.

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What you know about restocks? Is it available?

The Conspiracy Collection Reveal has left no stones unturned by selling a total of 1 million pallets in half an hour. Star has noted that the unveiling of the products shattered a record for the JSC with one million eyeshadow palettes getting sold in a half a minute including flagship Palette and smaller Mini Palette. What the past events indicate, this kind of launches had ended this quantity within a span of six to nine months. This will result in Conspiracy Collection becoming the permanent addition to JSC.

So, fans wishing to own the collection would be able to buy it no sooner than later. This is due to the fact that the first restock will be scheduled soon. But as of now, Dawson and Star haven’t yet announced the time in order to avoid technical problems! As of now, two palettes have been restocked with 60,000 units for each palette. These are set to go for shipping from mid-November or the end of the month. The reason why only 60,000 palettes are available is because of the limited supply of one shade in the palette – the bright yellow one, a.k.a, Food Videos.

Fans will soon go gaga over the upcoming conspiracy hoodies as well as T-shirts. You can even get conspiracy phone cases that are set to get replenished soon.

However, to stay in the loop and get familiar with when exactly the complete restocks will happen, it is advisable to pay attention to JSC’s social media account for brand updates. You can even sign up for the newsletter of the brand on JSC’s official website. For any other information that you need, just drop us all your queries in the comment box and we are here to answer you.

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