Social Media Tips to Elevate your Marketing Strategy

Though a digital presence is now an unspoken requirement of keeping up to date with the change in the marketing industry, it is no longer enough to just do this. Businesses, irrespective of niche, are able to use social media for quality traffic, driving sales and customer engagement; however, none of this can be achieved without having a solid social media marketing strategy in place first. The best way to find this? Working with a social agency

With the majority of businesses nowadays having an online presence and running online marketing strategies, yours must be leagues above the rest to stand a chance at being noticed. However, with 57% of the world’s population being on social media, there is hope! 

Here are the best social media tips to elevate your marketing strategy.

Chatbots and social media

Automisation must be used to its fullest potential nowadays considering the advancement in technology. Chatbots can offer quick solutions to clients, offer detailed answers to a question and can effectively help in resolving any issues. 

Understand your competitors 

Successful social media marketers are always in-the-loop with what their competitors are getting up to. This offers insight into which ideas are good and which are bad. It is always good to observe what consumers are saying about your competitors to better understand if there are any loopholes in your own marketing tactics. 

Find the right influencers

Consumers often make it through to the purchase phase based upon a recommendation by their favourite influencer, meaning implementing influencer marketing into your strategy is a must. It is not enough to just select influencers who fall under the same category as you. You must vet them, find out their engagement rate, and believe that they can make impressionable content. 

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Create prompt responses for customers

We know this may seem too small of an idea to be that relevant, but automatic responses suggest to the customer that you are a priority for them. This will strengthen your relationship and allow them to view you as a trustworthy brand.

Focus on quality content

Always show off fresh and relevant content on your page to engage customers. 

Create a social media plan

Don’t underestimate the power of planning how you will operate your online presence down to a T. This way you’ll know when to upload, how to upload and how to track your progress. Once this is done, you can start to run campaigns.

Engage with your potential audience

Conduct surveys and take part in conversations on forums filled with your target demographic to better understand your audience. After all, knowing them inside out is what will set your marketing strategy up for success, as you will be able to adhere to even the littlest of their needs. 

Put out engaging content

This should always be your top priority if your goal is to leave a positive impact on your readers. You can take this on by yourself or outsource to an expert in the field for more personal images/videos. Keep in mind that each platform differs in image sizes that can be uploaded. 

Go for social videos

Videos can benefit consumers by connecting them to your initiative in more ways than just text. Visual content is always promoted by everyone and an effective way of reaching more people on social media. 

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Use accurate tools

The quality of the tools you use to develop your social media marketing strategy is vital to its success. 

Be platform specific 

You must always let your audience know that you are offering them unique and exclusive content every time. If posting across multiple platforms, make tiny alterations to adhere to the platform’s image/trends. 

Find the best platform for you

You must experiment and see where your target audience predominantly visits and then select which one(s) you will operate on. 

Track your performance progress

Use accurate performance measuring tools to track your success. Using the results you can modify your social media strategy for better results in the future. As a brand owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your audience is connecting to your initiative and search for a pattern when they respond most. 

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