Some Interesting Haircut Facts From All “Boyfriend Cuts My Hair” Videos

boyfriend cuts my hair

A haircut is a crucial part of everyone’s routines because it makes them look well-groomed instantly. No matter how elegant people dress, but if their hairstyle is not sleek, they do not look decent. And the right hairstyle requires well-cut hair. Also, frequent haircuts have several benefits, like removing split ends, damage control of hair, more manageable hair, etc. Most people go to an expert to get their haircuts, hair styling, and hair color done. However, some people prefer to cut their hair at home. At-home haircuts can be done either by the person themselves or by someone else who is available at home. One of the common at-home haircut trends seen on YouTube is “Boyfriend Cuts My Hair.” 

In ‘boyfriend cuts my hair’ videos, the channel owners ask their boyfriends to cut their hair. Some of the boyfriends get it correct and cut hair like professionals, while other channel owners are left with weird cuts. With the recent lockdowns due to coronavirus pandemic, this trend of home haircuts has risen significantly. So we thought of bringing people some facts about the trend. These facts will help them in getting a sleek haircut at home. 

“Boyfriend Cuts My Hair” Facts

boyfriend cuts my hair

YouTube is a great platform to learn from, especially with the diverse content that it provides. There are several sections of videos available on YouTube, and videos like “boyfriend cuts my hair” are generally counted in the fun section. However, if we judge carefully, there are a lot of things to learn from these videos. Here are some of the at-home haircut tricks that we have collected from the fun videos on YouTube. With these tricks, people can cut their partner’s hair or let their partner cut theirs. And as everyone is stuck in their homes, this is the perfect time to try out these tricks. So let’s get started. 

General Tricks

These tricks are valid for any length of hair and any type of cut. 

  • Correct Tools: A good haircut is all about techniques and tools. Now, first-timers cannot gather experts’ methods, but they can surely have the proper tools. The essential items required for a haircut are a spray water bottle, comb, towel, hair clips, and finally, haircutting scissors. People should remember not to cut their hair with general kitchen scissors as they are not sharp enough to keep the hair looking healthy.
  • Learn: People must learn before they perform. Right now, it is not possible to go out to an expert to learn the haircutting skills. So, to their rescue, are the “boyfriend cuts my hair” videos. Several of these videos are full of techniques for cutting hair correctly. People can watch all these videos and learn. 
  • Detangle: No matter if the hair is short or long, it is necessary to detangle it before a haircut. Tangled hair can never be cut in the desired shape. 
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Short Hair Tricks

Cutting short hair at home can be a really complicated process, which requires special attention and dedication. With the tricks provided here, people can make sure they do not end up looking like a junkie or get bald while cutting their short hair at home. 

  • Take Care Of Back: If a person is cutting their own hair, then there are high chances that they will mess up the back of their hair. To avoid this blunder, then can use a handheld mirror. Holding the mirror in one hand can be tricky, so they should stick it somewhere in the front of the big bathroom mirror. Then they can use both their hands to cut the hair while looking in the small mirror and taking care of their back hair. 
  • Use Clippers: People with short hair prefer to cut their hair with clippers instead of scissors. But most of them are not familiar with the correct way of using those clippers. The very first thing to keep in mind while using a clipper is not to wet the hair. Clippers work best on dry hair. As the hair gets wet, it becomes hard to cut it with a clipper. Another thing to remember is not to go too harsh with the clipper. For the first-timers, it is vital to keep the hair as long as possible. 
  • Start With Side Hair: It is one of the most common things that people do in “boyfriend cuts my hair” videos. The trick to cut small hair is to start with the sides of the head. With the help of clips, people should tie up the hair in the center of the head. So even if something goes wrong with the sides, they can cover it with the center’s long hair.
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Long Hair Tricks

boyfriend cuts my hair

Long hair is quite easy to cut. Still, it requires the correct technique not to mess up. Here are the tricks to cut long hair.

  • Avoiding Experiments: People with long hair are always curious to experiment with their hair. As it is easy for them to choose between different haircuts, they want to try everything. But for people who are cutting their/their partner’s hair for the first time, they should keep their urge for experimenting aside. Staring with the basic trims is the best idea for them. 
  • Curly Hair Techniques: Like most “boyfriend cuts my hair” videos show, cutting curly hair is the safest option for the first time hair cutters. As curls wind up, they do not show much of small mistakes of the cut. However, they should remember not to cut too much of curls. Curly hair might seem long when they are wet, but as they get dry and curls up, they become shorter. So if someone cuts a significant length of curly hair, they will become even shorter after drying. 
  • Section and Cut: Long hair should be sectioned before cutting. This makes it easy for the person to cut small areas and not mess up the whole head. Once the length is decided with one of the sections, they can move on to the other ones. 

These were some tricks from the various “boyfriend cuts my hair” videos available on YouTube. People can watch these videos and see if these tricks actually work or not. If they do, then nobody needs to pay to the barber next time because everyone will be cutting their hair at home.

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