Spice It up: Five Great Ways To Improve Your Marriage

improve your marriage

It’s sad to say that marriage happiness is on the decline, with six out of every ten couples reporting that they are unhappily married. You don’t have to be one of these unhappy couples.

There are simple ways you can improve your marriage. With some small changes and a little effort, you can be one of the happy couples. This guide will help you get started with five tips that show how to improve your marriage without talking about it.

1. Be Honest in the Mirror

Stand in front of the bathroom mirror and look at yourself. Be honest with yourself and what you need to do. Improving your marriage is about more than what your partner needs to do.

Ask yourself what you need to change to improve as a person. Perhaps you need to become stronger, build self-esteem, or make healthier food choices. The goal is to become the best version of yourself for your partner.

2. Greet Them Like a Bestie

Changing how you greet your partner can set a more positive tone. When you see your best friend, you don’t grumble or roll your eyes, so don’t do that when greeting your partner.

Instead, have a genuine smile and give them a hug or kiss. You don’t have to go over the top excited. This one small change in behavior can make the other person feel special and foster positive feelings in return.

3. Compliment More

It can become too comfortable or easy to fall into a rut in your marriage. This results in not acknowledging the strengths or positive qualities of each other. When you stop focusing on the positive, all you will see is the negative.

Try to find at least one thing to compliment your partner on each day. It doesn’t have to be anything major. This can be one of the simplest ways to improve your marriage.

Try to have specific well thought out compliments. This means more than just telling them their butt looks good in a pair of jeans or a good job at preparing dinner.

4. Ask More Questions

The longer you are with someone, the more you learn about them. Eventually, you may feel as though you know everything. At this point, you stop asking questions, and conversation grinds to a halt.

Show your partner that you’re still interested and care about them by asking questions. These should go beyond asking about who’s making dinner or walking the dog. Instead, try asking brand new get to know you questions. (ambien)

5. Spice up Your Sex Life

When it comes to sex, value quality over quantity. Don’t aim to have sex a lot or a specific number of times.

Instead, aim to enjoy better quality sex. This could mean dedicating more time to it.

It could also mean trying out new positions or toys. There are several adventurous toys and aids that you can view here to get inspired.

Take steps to Improve Your Marriage Today

If you want to improve your marriage, give these five tips a try over the next couple of weeks. You could start out doing one, then add another every week. This way, you don’t overwhelm yourself or shock your partner with your sudden change in behavior towards them.

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