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Star Wars: Squadrons is a first-person dogfighting game. Star Wars is not just a franchise for its fans. Instead, it is a legacy that they have been following for years now. The journey of Star Wars started when its first movie was released in 1977, which means the franchise is almost 43 years old now. One of the primary reasons behind the franchise’s tremendous success is the type of special effects used in their movies. No other Sci-Fi competitor was able to implement those effects, and Star Wars became one of its kind, which is the crown that it still holds.

The impressive part about the franchise is its wide range of audiences. There is no section of the world that Star Wars has not affected. Let it be people of different age groups or diverse communities, Star Wars fans can be found everywhere. With this constant increasing success, the organization decided to expand the reach of Star Wars to other domains. Hence, were introduced Star Wars television series, novels, themed public areas, comics, and the most popular video games. That brings us to the latest Star Wars update, Squadrons. 

Star Wars: Squadrons is a first-person dogfighting game that will soon be released on various gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. But before we move on to a detailed discussion about the game, we will first look at the history of Star Wars with video games. (modafinil pharmacy) In this way, the new players will be able to understand the game better. So let’s get started. 

Star Wars With Video Games


People who have been just introduced to the Star Wars gaming world might find Squadrons quite tempting. However, this is not the first time for the franchise to come up with a fantastic video game idea. Here are some of the most popular video games that Star Wars hold under its umbrella. 

  • Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire: Being a 1996 game, it does not have those eye-catching modern-day graphics. Also, the game is exclusively available for Nintendo 64. 
  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron: It was an arcade-style flying game that offered the feature of flying along a route that was pre-determined by the system. It was released in the year 1998. 
  • Star Wars X-Wing Alliance: This was the final game in the space flying simulators series named “X-Wing,” It was released in 1999. 
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: This was released in 2003, and it was one of the most amazing Star Wars games. It offered several customization and gameplay options to the players.
  • Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2: Released in 2004, the game offers its players over thirty different abilities, making the game more interesting. 
  • Star Wars Republic Commando: This release of 2005, was a first-person game that emphasizes the squad mechanics. There were several exciting features in this game. 
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2: It was an 18-mission long game with several multiplayer game modes, and was released initially in 2005 for all gaming platforms.
  • Lego Star Wars: Yes, Star Wars did not leave the Lego league as well. “The Complete Saga” is the only Star Wars game series that consists of the complete story of Star Wars. It was released in 2007.
  • Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2: The story of this 2010 game lie before the first Star Wars film. 

One of the latest games of Star Wars is the Battlefront II. The game was highly criticized because of several reasons like 

  • It was compared to the original Battlefront 2 that came out in 2005. And the game lacked content. 
  • The micro-transactions of the game were heavily implemented. 

However, it is still the best looking game that Star Wars has ever made. Also, the players need not be disappointed as the Squadrons will fix all the problems that they might have faced in the Battlefront II. 

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars recently released the official reveal trailer of Squadrons, and the fans have been restless since then. We have bought here all the details about the upcoming game that can be seen in its trailer. 

Squadrons game is based on the space combat gameplay that will let the players fly the popular starfighter of Star Wars. Other than that, the players will be able to experience flying various other fighter ships like:

  • A-Wing
  • U-Wing
  • Y-Wing
  • X-Wing
  • TIE Reaper Fighters
  • TIE Fighter
  • TIE Bomber
  • TIE Interceptor

The exact gameplay of Squadrons will be released soon in the EA Play Live Event. But there are some features that the game already promises, like several multiplayer modes, Fleet Battles, and the most popular dogfighting mode. 

Moving further into the details of Squadrons, it seems like EA has definitely learned some critical lessons from the elements of Battlefront II, such as the loot box debacle. Players can expect extension customization opportunities for both cosmetics and gameplay-altering items. Also, EA has promised everyone that the game’s items will be earned only through the gameplay. 

Impressive Facts


One interesting fact about Squadrons that will catch all players’ attention is that the game will have cross-platform support. Those who are not aware of this term, it means that players from different gaming platforms will be able to play with each other. This feature is provided in very few video games. 

Another fascinating fact about Squadrons is that the game will be compatible with VR headsets, to give the players an immense experience. However, it will only support VR headsets on PlayStation 4 and PC.

One last thing that several people might have missed is that the Squadrons game was leaked a few months back with the title of “Project Maverik.” Also, Xbox’s website showed us a glimpse of the game’s banner when it was accidentally posted over there. 


For an in-depth knowledge of the gameplay, players will need to wait for the EA Play Live Event, which will be happening soon. However, from the details that have been received plus from the trailer, it is clear that Squadrons is the new successor in the X-Wing franchise of Star War games. The fans have their hopes high, and only time will tell if those hopes will be fulfilled or not. 

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