Surprising Home Hacks To Try During The Quarantine

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Coronavirus pandemic has made all of us stay at home for the longest time now, and nobody knows for long this will further go on. While it is boring to spend so much time at home, it is also crucial for staying safe. To kill this boredom, here are some home hacks that you can try. Some of these home hacks will also help you in saving money and making your home more comfortable. So let’s get started.

Lemons To Your Rescue

home hacks

If you are running out of supplies for your daily essentials, then use lemon as a substitute for most of them. Some of the most interesting home hacks with lemons are:

  • As you cannot go out to buy supplies every day, there are chances of food getting ruined in the fridge. You can use lemon to preserve that food so that it will run for a longer time.
  • If you have run out of deodorant and you are in no mood to go out for buying a new one, then you can use lemon instead of it. Just mix it with some baking soda, and you are good to go.
  • Most supermarkets are running out of disinfectants and cleaning agents. If you cannot find a cleaning agent in your area, then you can mix some lemon with sea salt and make your own DIY abrasive cleaning agent.
  • You can also add lemon juice or zest in various recipes to give them a new twist.
  • Or if you’re just in one of those moods from being stir crazy maybe you should just call Junk Removal Naples FL to do a complete purge for you.

Catch Fruit Flies

Everybody will agree that fruit flies are irritating. If you are experiencing discomfort because of fruit flies in your house and you cannot find a spray to get rid of them, then not to worry, you can make a DIY trap for them. All you will need is:

  • A transparent jar. Transparent so that you can see if the solution is working or not.
  • Apple cider vinegar, to attract the flies.
  • Dish soap for breaking down the surface tension so that flies will have to sink in the vinegar to touch it.
  • A piece of paper or tissues, for building the trap.
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Once you have gathered all these items, you can start by mixing the apple cider vinegar with dish soap. Then you have to pour this solution into the jar and cover it using the paper or tissues. You can secure the paper with rubber bands, then make some holes into it, and your DIY trap is ready. With the holes, the flies will enter into the jar but won’t be able to escape out.

Use Rubberbands For Saving Handwash

Doctors recommend washing hands now and then to avoid the spread of the virus, which is applicable even when you are staying at home. Using handwash so many times in a day will make you run out of the product very soon. To use the handwash for a longer time, you can wrap some rubberbands on its bottle’s neck. That will help in reducing the amount of soap that is dispensed each time, and the product will run for longer.

Use Vinegar

Just like lemons, vinegar is also a multipurpose ingredient. Not only can be used in food, but there are also several cleaning tasks that you can complete with vinegar. The top home hacks of vinegar are:

  • As we all know that supermarkets are running out of disinfectants, so we had to find another solution. You can mix a little amount of vinegar into warm water, and use it to clean areas that incorporate germs and bacteria.
  • Another fantastic purpose of vinegar is to use it for cleaning shower and tap heads. You can mix some vinegar with water, transfer the solution into a plastic bag, and wrap it around the showerhead. Leaving this solution on for a bit time will clean the showerhead thoroughly.

Use Candle Leftovers

Other home hacks require you to make something or clean something, while this one helps you in keeping your home smelling fresh without any efforts. If you have candles that have almost run out and won’t provide even burning, then you can use these candles for keeping your home fresh. Place these candles in the back of your wardrobes, cabinets, and drawers to keep them smelling fresh and nice.

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At-Home Manicure

A DIY manicure will save your money, help you in killing time, and will keep you well-groomed without a salon visit. There are two home hacks for a DIY manicure that can help you in getting a salon-finish nail paint:

  • The first thing that you need to do before applying your favourite nail paint is outlining your nails with vaseline. By using some petroleum jelly around your nails, the hand stains can be avoided.
  • Applying nail paint at home can be a little fuzzy as it increases the chances of the nail paint getting spoilt. To avoid this, you can dip your nails into ice-cold water for a few minutes. That will dry your nails in no time.

With these home hacks, you can give yourself a perfect manicure at home.

Use Clear Polish To Keep Surfaces Clean

Many metal bottles are kept in your bathroom. The moisture in the are can rust the bottles’ bottoms, and that can stain the surfaces. To avoid this, you can cover the bottom area of the bottles with some clear polish. That will stop the rusting on new bottles while preventing the staining from older ones.

You can also use clear polish on your costume jewelry to keep them always looking as good as new.

Save Water

home hacks

There are several ways of saving water at home. One thing that often slips out from that list is the toilet water. As all people are staying at home now, they must be using the toilet throughout the day. To reduce the water that flows with every flush, you can put something heavy in the water tank. That will displace some water, and the amount of water will be reduced significantly.

Keep Faucet Handles Clean

Another most used part of the house is the faucet handles. And the whole purpose of cleaning hands is destroyed if the faucet handle is not kept clean and disinfected. To keep them clean, you can cut your old clothes into small pieces and soak them into a cleaning solution. This will make some re-usable cleaning wipes for your faucet handles.

Use these home hacks to make your “Quarantine Life” easier.

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