Taking Your Child on His First Visit to a Dentist

Talking to your young child and convincing them to go to a dentist is as hard as it gets considering their fears and anxieties. Sometimes you have to make hard bargains to have them agree without being harsh.

Though it’s generally recommended to schedule a dental visit when your child’s first tooth emerges, this is not often the case with everyone. People sometimes only consider having their children scheduled when a problem arises, or their tooth starts falling off.

Paddington Dentistry in New South Wales advocates early education to promote long-term dental health among young children. The family dental clinic has helped Paddington’s local community to achieve better oral health by providing high-quality dental care.  

Your Child’s First Dental Visit is a Critical Experience

Children are normally wary about dental visits because they fear the unknown, do not want to be separated from their parents or think they might get injured. Pacifying these emotions by allowing them to get a first-hand experience of a dental clinic is critical in their early development stages. 

Early exposure to a dental clinic’s sights and sounds is often the only way to remove fear and anxiety. Paddington Dentistry and its trustworthy team of experienced practitioners and staff will welcome your child to make him feel at home.

By removing all the dentist and a dental checkup’s fearful thoughts, you are ensuring that your child won’t be hard to convince on their next dental visit. Keeping them informed and early exposure to a dental clinic is the only way to make them feel more comfortable when undergoing a future dental procedure. 

Establishing a Good Relationship with the Dentist

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If it’s your child’s first time going to a dental clinic, it is usually short and will not involve complex routine treatment. It is the ideal time to meet his dentist in a friendly way. 

If your child is agitated, the examining dentist might ask you to sit on the dental chair with your child while examining his teeth. If your child is not apprehensive, the dentist might ask you to wait in the reception area while he does the examination procedure.

Because it’s your child’s first dental visit, reassuring him of his comfort and safety is always the right thing to do. Your child’s first contact with his dentist is also the proper time to establish a good bond. 

What Your Child Should Expect on His First Dental Visit

Informing your young child what is likely to happen during his first dental visit will give him an idea of what to expect. It is also helpful in your child’s part if he has a good idea of what he is likely to go through on his initial visit to lessen his fears and anxiety.

During the examination, his dentist will check your child’s first teeth and look for decay signs. The dentist will also check your child’s bite, signs of jaw, gum, and oral tissue problems, among others.

Along with that, parent and child education becomes part of a first dental visit. Instilling good oral hygiene, determining his developmental milestones, and education on teething, proper nutrition, and oral habits like lip sucking, thumb sucking, and tongue thrusting are discussed. 

A child’s first dental visit and his early exposure to a dental clinic is a good way to start promoting his oral health. Nonetheless, it removes all anxieties and fears that are often associated with visits to an oral health practitioner. 

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