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The world of online gaming is an exciting one that fascinates billions of people globally. A lot more now that the COVID19 pandemic pushed masses behind closed doors. Gaming has become one of the few safe sources of entertainment that people can engage in. The fact that games are easily accessible to us is the icing on the sweet cake. Gamers can easily access varieties of games on their smartphones anywhere and at any given time. The introduction of these devices has really gone a long way to boost the gaming industry. Before one develops a game, they need to study the market to know what ‘in-style.’ Know what is latest both in the trends and the type of technology advancement. We will look at some of the latest trends and technologies to consider before you create a mobile game.

Virtual Reality

This trend really comes in handy when you want to give your gamers an absolute immersed experience. They feel involved as it gives them control of the environment. A player can develop the contents of the game with simulations. Experiencing an interesting world apart from the ordinary, uneventful world around us has motivated creators to consider virtual reality. The current global condition has pushed people to seek comfort and entertainment in VR programmed games. Although virtual reality glasses are a bit expensive, they are going to become affordable for gamers. Play Station VR and HTC Vive are virtual reality headsets that have captured the gamers’ attention.

Face Recognition in Mobile

Imagine playing a game where the character’s face looks like yours. Interesting right? That is exactly what this trend gives your gamers. Incorporating this when developing your game allows your players to imagine themselves in another universe altogether. Face recognition has always been used as a security application in the past. Recently developers have found interesting ways to use it in games too. 3D game developers have added this feature to their games to improve their experience by creating the players look alike.

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Voice Recognition in Mobile

Although this development trend already recently exists, it has not really been given the attention it deserves. It allows gamers to interact on social media and also create their user interface of the game. It is an interesting trend that many gamers have gotten intrigued by and hope to experience more in created games. As you create a game, consider adding this trend for your audience.


As much as gaming is fun, we need to keep our body active to be healthy. Reducing screen time also goes a long way to improve our eyesight. Wearables have helped us deal with the above challenges. Wearables have been especially in kid’s games to reduce screen time and improve social interactions among them. They were only used to monitor health and fitness levels in the past, but gaming companies have found ways to include these devices in the world of games.  Games like MadRat are using this trend.

Augmented Reality

This reality adds elements by using the information in different forms like graphics, audio, texts, etc. It basically alters the existing world. It is mostly used in mobile games that have physical actions involved, like fighting games. A lot more gamers are leaning towards games with the augmented reality technology. A good example of such a game is the Pokémon Go games that estimate 70 million downloads. This should be one of the modes that game developers should incorporate in their games this year.

5G Technology in Mobile

This network is the most recently developed and is quickly taking the route. Most of the mobile games are played online, so internet connectivity affects a player. Having good network connectivity is an important consideration. As a developer, you should make sure that your application is compatible with the recently developed network. This network allows multiple data transmission between gamers and developers. Gamers sometimes hold little play sessions amongst themselves, and having a reliable internet connection is really important. When considering the game to create, make sure it can easily connect to the 5G network.

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The world of gaming has grown from the boring lonely game time at home to a more enticing and exciting competitive world. There are gaming competitions held where people come together to host and watch gamers compete. It was one of the most lucrative in 2020, with it having revenue of an estimated $1Billion. Esports has a multiplayer platform that is played competitively. When planning for an esports game development, integrating virtual reality and the augmented reality will give you the best advantage for your games.

Choosing the right game engine and technology to apply when creating your mobile game puts you at an advantage over the best. Integrating social media channels to get views of your audience want to see in new mobile games is crucial. You can also use the platforms to promote your game. As a developer, having a social media presence helps you to interact with your audience. It gives them a sense of connection with you. Develop games with a multiplayer option so that your players can interact with other players, strangers or not. This removes the aspect of monopoly and boredom because playing with others evokes competitiveness in human beings.

The Bottom Line

The world of gaming is constantly growing and changing every other day. As a game developer or planner, it is important to constantly update what’s in and what’s out. In this regards, game development outsourcing helps a lot for developers to reduce the Burdon. You also need to be up to date with trends that creators are using and find ways to improve and include them in your games. Creativity is the basic element; find out what your audience wants to play or experience. Technology exposes you to a world of possibilities offering you the help you need to create amazing games. I hope the trends and technology discussed above will help you decide what to use to develop your next game.



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