Best digital marketing trends for this year

In this modern era, you need to level up your marketing game to grow your business. Conventional marketing methods are gone out of the window now. If you want to survive in the current business market, you must be aware of the latest marketing techniques and tools.  

If you want to enhance your business growth consistently, it is vital to have a solid marketing plan. You must know how to leverage the power of advanced marketing tools to keep business on track.

Marketing tools help to reduce human errors and effort. They automate repetitive procedures and enable you to establish a strong relationship with customers. You can also build effective strategies to beat your competitors. 

Here are ten powerful, ROI-driven, and lead generating marketing tools that will help you drive business growth.


You cannot deny the role of social media in the success of any business company. To thrive in this digital landscape, you have to make the best of it. Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool that enables you to schedule and manage posts. It saves you plenty of time and possesses many useful features. You can manage social media profiles for over 30 platforms through this tool. Imagine the hassle of doing all this manually. It also has a central dashboard to guide you for mentioning and replying to comments. You do not have to visit each platform individually. 


This email marketing tool is the first preference of all B2B and B2C companies. It has proven to be one of the top email marketing tools, with over 12 million customers. It offers self-service features that help you to find answers to your queries. You can also get a free plan if you do not send over 12,000 emails monthly.  For startups, it offers the perfect opportunity to avail. MailChimp also provides a method for those having less than 2,000 subscribers. Email marketing also helps to promote audio or video marketing content, so you can also use this tool for it. But you must be familiar with how to create a transcript to build an engaging video or audio content.


When you talk about marketing and CRM software, HubSpot has been among the top players. From getting leads to increasing sales, it offers you a complete marketing solution. 

You can access blogging, SEO, social media, website, email, lead management, and much more with this software. So, you can see it is an all-in-one marketing tool. You have to deal with tons of things while running a business to help you stay focused.


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You need to keep track of your digital marketing performance to analyze what is working for you and what is not. This tool helps you to track and optimize all your campaigns on the web and mobile. 

If you want to make impactful decisions, then this tool is the perfect fit for your business. It is the best way to achieve ROI-driven results as you can track and analyze every single move.


If you have a competent social media marketing team, then you must utilize this tool. This tool helps to boost your social media marketing strategy. It allows you to dig twitter analytics data that you can use to build effective strategies. 

It makes your analysis super easy as you can divide followers list through bio and location. You can also compare your strategy to follower gains and losses to know which content can perform well.


Business owners looking for marketing tools to understand their market should consider BuzzSumo as an ideal choice. It helps you to dig deep down the additional data that can give you cutting-edge over competitors. 

You can analyze what type of content goes well with search engines and your audience. It gives you complete data of all your social media posts shares. This information can be useful to determine the quality of your blog posts. 


It is inevitable to ignore the importance of social media platforms to grow your business. Oktopost is another social media marketing tool that you must give a shot. It is more useful for B2B marketers who are looking to expand their products and services. You can engage hungry buyers by scheduling your posts to multiple profiles.

This B2B social media marketing tool helps you increase conversions, clicks, and views by providing you with a detailed report analysis.

Crazy Egg

This tool provides you with the complete insight of your website that what is working and what is not. You can make the required changes to produce better results. You would not like to waste time to resolve IT problems. Craze Egg offers you the convenience to identify all such issues.

The tool has features like reporting, personalization and targeting, user feedback, and many more. It helps you to understand the likes and dislikes of web visitors.


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It is essential to have a robust online presence to have significant marketing results. If you are searching for the website optimization tool, then Hotjar could end your search. It is an all-in-one feedback and analytics tool. It helps you to understand the behavior of your web visitors. 

It enables you to test your website to let you know how visitors are interacting with the website. You can capitalize on the incredible opportunities to optimize conversions.


Millions of active users on social media platforms have created an urge for all businesses to have a sound marketing plan. Buffer is another powerful and results-driven social media marketing tool that helps in managing posts by saving time.

You can keep users engaged by using Buffer as your representative. You do not have to be there yourself. It allows you to schedule as many posts as you want. Once a user gets engaged with your brand on a social media platform, they can easily convert to your customer. 


With time, marketing strategies and tools have evolved rapidly. It is hard to imagine for any business company to survive without advanced marketing tools. As a business owner, you must gain expertise and sharpen your skills to use these marketing tools. 

Everything comes with effort and dedication. Once you start using these tools, you will gradually see the results yourself. Hopefully, this guide will contribute positively to improve your marketing strategies and to enhance business growth.

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