Things You Must be Aware of Before Performing The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

30-day vegan challenge

By now, the world has got its fair share of people singing high praises for preserving the Mother Earth and going vegan. Veganism has gained momentum in the late 21st century, with more and more people saying no to animal-based products. No doubt, the ethical advantage and environmental of veganism are extremely helpful in preserving the natural environment. Now that the online streaming and social networking platforms come up with several 30-day Vegan Challenge videos and posts, things become more evident about veganism becoming popular day by day.

If you’re someone who’s on the verge of quitting animal products including fish, meat, eggs, dairy, and more, then you should know certain things right before you start proceeding with the vegan challenges. So, what are they?

First off, dip into the plant-based diet!

30-day vegan challenge

‘I can’t afford to straight to veganism, because it would take time for me to quit all animal-based products,’ if that’s what you’re up to with, it would be safer to first go for a plant-based diet before going entirely vegan. The whole purpose of going vegan is about the right and sustainable products that you pick up on a daily basis. So, before performing the 30-day Vegan Challenge, you should first concentrate on a plant-based diet to see the difference yourself, as per recommendations.

Tweaks of dealing with negative comments from meat-loving persons

There’s a saying that you should always kill the haters with extreme kindness because being kind can change the whole world (it’s just not a statement!). You should never brag about going vegan and at the same time be too kind to give them your strong opinion politely. Remember, performing the 30-day Vegan Challenge can only be possible when you can overcome these obstacles. You definitely would have a hard time struggling throughout the journey, but once you succeed in the challenge, the ball’s on your court! Carry dried fruits and other vegan food products when they give their negative reviews of going vegan, just to overcome the situation!

Whether or not you’re receiving enough protein

Protein deficiency is something that’s probably very rare. And if you feel you’re aren’t receiving enough protein, contact a vegan dietitian. Otherwise, combine foods such as beans, seeds, nuts, and pulses. And if you think that you won’t be getting enough protein by performing the 30-day Vegan Challenge, you are wrong and it’s just a myth! Try adding lentils, beans, soy products, chickpeas, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, and peanut butter, on your regular diet! (Adderall)

The Crave for Meat

If you’ve had your fair share of cravings for meat before going vegan, it’s understandable how painful it might be for you to quit meat entirely. By going vegan, you are breaking a long attachment to your used-to flavors, smells, and textures of meats. However, now that you have decided already, respecting your own decision is what should be your first concern. But here’s the good news for you!

In today’s advanced world, you are lucky to recreate textures and flavors of meat in vegan food as well. Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of the jackfruit burger that has the texture of meat and you can put some flavors to it!

What to add in your vegan diet?

30-day vegan challenge

If you’re ready for the 30-day Vegan Challenge, do remember that the below-offered vegan diet list is mandatory to take a look at.

  • Sources of calcium to add in the vegan diet

Add leafy veggies like broccoli, okra, and cabbage. Add unsweetened soya, oat drinks, and even rice. Include sesame seeds, pulses, and white or brown bread. Don’t forget to put some dried fruit in your diet like prunes, raisins, figs, and apricots.

  • Sources of vitamin D to add in the vegan diet

How far can you walk for Vitamin D? Probably, exposure to sunlight is the best solution. However, apart from that, you can add cereals and soya drinks with Vitamin D capsules.

  • Sources of iron to add in the vegan diet

If you’re confident about the 30-day Vegan Challenge, you shouldn’t forget to add enough iron to your diet. The vegan diet should be high with iron sources. Add pulses, bread, flour, cereals, leafy veggies (the dark green like broccoli, spring greens, and watercress). You can even add nuts as well as dried fruits.

  • Sources of vitamin B12 to add in the vegan diet

Vitamin B12 is required by the body in order to maintain a healthy nervous system as well as healthy blood. While it is found in foods derived from animal sources naturally, its sources for vegans are thus limited. What you can do is, add cereals in your breakfast with B12. Has the unsweetened soya beverage fortified with B12? 

  • Sources of Omega-3 fatty acid to add in the vegan diet

The omega-3 fatty acid is basically found in the oily fishes. It helps in maintaining a healthy heart. Additionally, it also reduces risks of heart disease too. For vegans, you can choose flaxseed oil, rapeseed oil, soya foods or soya oil, and walnuts. While these might not have all benefits for reducing heart disease’s risks, you can choose these in order to follow a proper vegan diet. Additionally, you can have five portions of fruits and veggies every day.

Some Quick Tips

30-day vegan challenge

During the stages of pregnancy and also while breastfeeding, women require following a proper vegan diet. It ensures that they consume enough minerals and vitamins for children for developing fetuses in a healthy manner.

Someone who’s bringing up a baby on vegan diet plans requires understanding the importance of consuming foods that provide vitamins and energy that is needed for proper growth.

What’s more?

Remember; before you follow the vegan challenge for 30 days, it is mandatory to plan your routine first! Now that you know the right way to proceed with your 30-day Vegan Challenge, things will now become more convincing for you. Thus, this concludes everything to know about how to maintain a proper vegan lifestyle and at the same time protect Mother Earth and prevent the natural environment & ecosystem. 

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