The ACE Family Brings Up Their Experience Of Catherine In Labor

Catherine in labor

Together since 2016 on YouTube, The ACE Family is one of the most loved channels. The YouTube channel is handled by Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz, who uploads their day to day life experiences. When their YouTube journey had started in 2016, Austin and Catherine were accompanied by their only daughter, Elle. During their four-year journey, they welcomed their second daughter and named her Alaïa. Recently, the couple gave birth to their third child, a baby boy. Being constants on YouTube, Austine and Catherine do not miss uploading any of their experiences online. In a recent video, they showed the whole journey of Catherine in labor. But before moving to the details of the video, here are some facts about the channel owners, Austin and Catherine.

Austin McBroom

Knows as the famous basketball player, Austin McBroom was born in 1992 in California. He used to play for “National Collegiate Athletic Association” (NCAA) before he joined YouTube. Here are some more facts about Austin that most of his fans might have missed.

3. Austin has done majors in communication studies.

Austin is mostly known for his career in basketball, but that is not the only impressive thing about him. Along with a great performer in the court, he also worked well in studies as he did his majors in communication studies. All his friends, family, and classmates thought that he would proceed with his basketball career. But Austin chose to use his education in running a successful YouTube career.

2. Austin plays more than basketball.

Basketball was not the only thing Austin was focused on. Just like studies, he was distracted by other sports as well. Austin said in one of his videos that he used to play baseball and football along with basketball in high school. The player did not forget to add that he was good at all three sports. But it was basketball that caught his eye and moved forward with it.

Along with this, Austin has also been stuck in a Twitter controversy. It was because he had made some racists comments on the platform even before he became famous. The YouTube star refused to apologise for the same. Instead, he defended himself with the help of his mother, by mentioning that he makes jokes and those comments were nothing more than that.

Now, Austin runs a successful YouTube channel, The ACE Family, which bought the recent video Catherine in labor that we will be discussing later.

Catherine Paiz

Catherine in labor

A model, actress, and TV host, Catherine Paiz, was born in 1990 in Canada. Later in life, Catherine moved with her family to Florida and finally reached California on her own. Here are a few facts about Catherine.

1. Catherine has always been a hardworking person.

It might seem easy for people that Catherine is famous and earns through YouTube videos. However, life has not been this good for her from always. In the first video of her YouTube channel, Catherine mentioned that she has ever worked hard in her life. She has switched places, jobs, and everything that got her closer to her dream of running a gym wear line.

2. Catherine was not sure about Austin.

Through their videos, it seems like Austin and Catherine were made for each other from day one. That is not true because, in the initial dating phase of their relationship, Catherine was not sure if their relationship would run for this long. On the other hand, Austin was confident about her from the day they met. Whatever may be the case, they managed to grow their relationship until here, and they are moving forward strong.

Along with this, Catherine also mentioned in one of the videos that she would be having three babies because some psychic told her so when she was just ten. That seems real for now because Catherine has given birth to her third child. But nothing can be said about the future.

The Latest Video: Catherine In Labor

Catherine in labor

The couple, Austine and Catherine, uploads each of their life experiences on YouTube. So how could have they missed the vital part of Catherine in labor? The ACE Family couple hid their baby boy for a few months from their fans. But in January, they revealed the news along with their marriage, which they had been hiding from last two years. It was when a fan said that the couple were having babies without even getting married. They then released the news that they got married a couple of years back in their backyard. They also mentioned that they did not share this news with anyone, and soon they would be hosting a party for all their friends and family.

The video of Catherine in labor started off with Catherine being in pain and Austin collecting all the hospital bags with him. Austin asked her if she needed anything, and she said no to that. Then the couple bid bye to both their daughters and moved to the car. After reaching the hospital, Catherine in labor was taken to her room on a wheelchair. Next, Austin gave everyone a tour of Catherine’s room.

As Catherine in labor was tired, she changed into hospital clothes and rested on the bed. Austin covered each moment of Catherine in labor, and it showed that the would-be mother was uncomfortable in pain. The couple also displayed their message box, which was full of blessings from their friends and family. Austin then opened up the hospital bag and showed everything that he had bought, which Catherine in labor could eat.


This was all about Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz who runs a successful YouTube channel with the name The ACE Family. As the video showed Catherine in labor, the family would be soon showing their fans how they welcomed their new member. And from now on, The ACE Family’s 18.7 million subscribers can expect a new baby boy in the videos. It would be fun to see how Austin and Catherine go on with their new baby boy and make their daughters comfortable with this new member.

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