The Advantages of Having a Travel Sim Card

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When you are planning to travel to Japan for whatever reason, you need to prepare yourself. Japan is an exciting country to visit with all its tradition and culture. However, you may have a challenging time there, especially when you want to communicate with people. Japan is not an English-speaking nation, and only less than thirty percent of its people can converse in English. It would be best that before your Japan visit, you must bring along with you an app that can translate what you are saying into the Japanese language. Likewise, you should also bring along a Japan sim card or two to use while you are in the country.

What is the Japan Sim Card?

Japan Sim Card is a travel sim card specifically designed for Japan. Travel sim cards are compatible with mobile phones of the GSM type. Travel sim cards allow you to use your phone in another country without paying international roaming rates. Having a travel sim card will give you the following benefits.

Save Money on International Roaming. International roaming rates are very expensive. There have been stories of people who have accidentally switched on the roaming options on their mobile phones and were charged a huge amount upon returning home. With a travel sim card, when you use your phone’s internet during your stay in Japan, you will only get to pay for local rates.

Save Time. Although there is an option to purchase a local sim card once you land in Japan, you may have trouble finding a store that will sell local sim cards. Likewise, finding a vendor who can speak English in Japan is very hard as well. Moreover, when you purchase a local sim card in Japan, the sim card may be programmed with the Japanese language, which may cause all your menu options to be in Japanese as well. When you already have a Japan sim card with you, you may install it immediately upon landing, and you will not have to worry about navigating the menu options since you are sure that the language will be the same as yours.

Security and Safety. A travel sim card specifically designed for Japan will already contain applications and contact numbers of services that you can use while you are in Japan. For example, you can already navigate your way around Japan as soon as you land. You can also let your relatives know of your safe arrival immediately after landing.

Stable Wi-Fi Connection. A Japan sim will also allow you to have a stable data connection that will last you for up to ten days or 6 GB of data. This is advantageous since when you visit another country, you may not get reliable public Wi-Fi at all times.

Prepaid Only. Another advantage of a travel sim card is that it is prepaid, which means that you have already paid for the data that you are going to use. This prepaid option will prevent you from overspending your budget on data usage.

Assured of Having One. When you already have your travel Japan sim card, you will not have to worry about purchasing a local sim card once you land in Japan. Major Japanese telephone companies such as SoftBank, do not sell local sim cards to foreigners, especially those under a tourist visa. You will have to find specific stores that sell sim cards designed for foreigners’ use. However, if you already brought your travel sim card, you will not have to worry about locating a store. Just insert your Japan sim in your phone and use it while you are in Japan.

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