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Redland Bay, Australia is 40 km away from Brisbane, which is a bustling city. Redland bay is a quiet suburban area with nature and sea surrounding it. It once used to be a fishing community but now has transformed into an enjoyable place to reside. The nightlife at Redland Bay is vibrant, with clubs and pubs emerging in the locality. Many reputed schools in the area offer world-class education, and many parks where children can play are also cropping up now. With such rapid urbanisation that is happening, there are many houses for sale in Redland Bay right now, offering the beautiful homes at affordable prices.

One can attribute the redness in the sand of Redland Bay to the presence of iron oxide, which contaminated the sand due to a volcanic eruption million of years ago. There are many islands in the Bay which include Russel’s Island, Karragarra Island, Lamb Island and the North Stradbroke Island. These islands offer the most idyllic life to its residents, with the comforts of an urban locale and the sights of a tourist spot.

Redland Bay is a very affordable neighbourhood and also a very welcoming place. Many of the residents in Redland Bay are young families who want to enjoy their lives and want their children to experience joy from a very young age. The area itself is very well connected, with local trains and buses being very accessible.

There are many attractions in the Redland Bay as well, some of them are:

  1. Voyage round Moreton Bay and bounce among islands
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Redland is a region favoured with a coastline and an inlet spotted with islands of all shapes and sizes. Get immediate admittance to the extensive Moreton Bay through Raby Bay Harbor in Cleveland. One can visit Peel and take a dip in its clear and soothing waters.

  1. North Stradbroke Island

An alluring attraction this island offers is a beautiful sunset over the waterline. At Amity Point Jetty on the western side of the island, visitors can get a spectacular view of the sun setting over the ocean.

When in Straddie, take advantage of the island area by travelling to Amity Point to test the freshest fish directly from the fishing boat; fishers offer new native fishes every day to their customers.

  1. Go for a specialty brew trail within the area

Speciality brew is quite famous in this locale. One can plan a route that passes by the region’s small distilleries and specialty lager bars. In Capalaba, many brewing companies have been gaining popularity for blending sweet lagers. On Thursdays and Fridays, one can visit the food trucks or any brewery kitchen that offers pizzas, pretzels and sticky ribs at the end of the week.

  1. Stroll to King Island from Wellington Point during low tide

In Wellington Point, children can toss a line into the water from the pier, climb giant fig trees and try frozen yoghurt while watching boats coasting by. At the point when the ocean hits low tide, one can stroll across to King Island; cross the 1 KM shoal, making a characteristic framework between Wellington Point and the island itself. However, it is always advisable to check the ocean tides before doing so, to ensure one’s safety. Visiting King Island is an extraordinary experience, allowing one to reconnect with nature as they investigate the many sandy pathways and encompassing mangroves. ​

These attractions promise a life of adventure and fun every day. The houses for sale at Redland Bay Island are perfect for those searching for a life filled with new experiences every day. They make the most beautiful homes that are both cost-effective and of quality.

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