The history of Halloween

Trick or treat is a phrase that brings fond memories of one’s childhood. Halloween is one of the most celebrated festivals not just in Australia but also around the world. It is also one of the most fun holidays out there. The act of becoming a character using one’s Halloween costumes and going with friends for a tick or treat has always been fun. But how did this all start? The history of dressing up for Halloween is quite impressive which started as a pagan ritual and has undergone evolution to what it is today. Here is a brief history of Halloween dress-up culture.

Pagan roots:

It is believed that Halloween started as a Celtic pagan ritual that marked the start of the “dark season” in the British isles. People thought that gods would become visible during this period and people would offer treats to the gods. During this day, people would dress up like animals or other creatures and prank each other and blame it on Gods. It is believed by many persons to be the earliest type of Halloween dress-up.

Christian adoption:

In efforts of converting pagan believers into Christians, the catholic church adopted the pagan culture and named the festival “All Hallows Eve”, referring to it as the eve of all souls day. They also adopted custom dressing up and modified it dressing up as souls to pay homage to the dead. It became a popular custom quite quickly and soon spread to all parts of the world.

Widespread adoption:

After its inclusion into the list of Christian holidays, Halloween soon became an influential part of cultures around the world. The main reason for this was because every culture had a day to commemorate the dead. People associated with Halloween as a day to be happy rather than a day to mourn the dead. It was something new in many societies which led to its widespread and quick adoption.

The changes after industrialization:

Industrialization changed the way people live and behave. With people having stipulated work hours. The neighbourhood became an important factor in everybody’s life. It affected culture as well. People now saw Halloween as a holiday to have fun rather than pay homage to the dead. The costumes shifted from white drapes to more colourful dresses that were meant to make people happy. It made Halloween a favourite festival among kids. They saw this as a day to dress up as some funny character rather than a scary one.

Influence of pop culture:

Pop culture plays an influential role in Halloween these days and has shaped how Halloween is celebrated. Pop culture, particularly the horror and fantasy genre, gave rise to a slew of costumes and ideas for Halloween. It became the base of the present-day Halloween costumes. The pop culture of the 80s and the 90s had a predominant part to play when it comes to Halloween dresses. Almost every present-day costume in some way or the other is influenced by pop culture. It is an undeniable fact.


Halloween started as a literal prank and, now it has grown into one of the most important holidays in the world. Dress costumes for it are the most fun part. It is a day to commemorate the dead. But it does not want one to be sad or mourn about it. It shows that there can be happiness even in the saddest of times. That is what Halloween has always been about spreading joy and happiness. It is about making others smile. So grab a costume and get ready to trick or treat. Because spreading happiness is the greatest virtue of all. Advance Happy Halloween.

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